The Cutest Mermaid Coloring Pages for Kids

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Who doesn’t love adorable mermaids? Today we have a bunch of super cute coloring pages featuring our favorite mythical creatures.

These printable coloring sheets will be so much fun for big kids and little kids alike. So, mermaid lovers get your crayons and markers ready – it’s time to color in some amazing mermaids!

These free mermaid coloring pages will also come in handy if you are planning a mermaid-themed birthday party.

free printable mermaid coloring pages for kids

Cute Mermaid Coloring Pages

You can download all of these free printable Mermaid coloring pages at the end of this blog post, in PDF format.

Kids will love decorating each pretty mermaid, with her long hair, and mermaid tail. Coloring is a great way to work on pencil grip, fine motor skills, and of course offers the perfect opportunity for creativity and relaxation.

These mermaids are in a kawaii anime chibi style.

Cute Mermaid Swimming in the Sea Coloring Page Printable Sheet

This beautiful mermaid girl is happy in the sea with her sea animals and sea creatures friends.

Color the happy mermaid and all of her ocean friends with bright and happy colors. Will the kids choose gold fish, pink fish, purple fish or something else? How about a rainbow fish?

happy mermaid coloring page

Always be a Mermaid Slogan Coloring Page

This cute little mermaid is sitting on a rock by the sea, maybe she is going to sing a mermaid song?

How about some of our favorites from “A Little Mermaid” like Under the Sea, or I want to be where the people are…

always be a mermaid coloring page

Beautiful Mermaid Princess Coloring for Kids

This cute Princess mermaid has a beautiful crown for kids to color and decorate. What name would you choose for this little princess?

Thinking up mermaid baby names for the mermaid characters on the coloring page adds an extra element of fun and creativity for kids.

mermaid princess coloring page

Mermaid Party Boy Mermaid Coloring Page

This little merman is ready for a mermaid birthday party with cakes, party hat and all kinds of fun mermaid games to play with his magical creature friends down under the sea.

boy mermaid party coloring page

We Mermaid for each other slogan coloring page

Color this pair of best friends with a cute mermaid slogan that says “we mermaid for each other”. This could be made into a cute mermaid card for all of your mermaid friends.

mermaid friends coloring page

Mermaid Coloring Pages with Ocean Scene

As well as the normal white coloring page style with a white background we decided to make some detailed mermaid under the sea coloring pages for all of your kids to enjoy.

White Background Ocean Coloring Scene with Mermaids

This fantastic mermaid duo are relaxing in a zentangle style sea, with detailed drawings for you to color in an anti stress coloring book style.

This page is great for older kids because of the extra detail but kids of all ages will have so much fun coloring it in.

ocean scene mermaid coloring page

Mermaid Scene with Colored Background

The next two coloring pages come with a colored background, so all your little girl or little boy needs to do is fill in the color details on the mermaid characters.

This way it is easy for them to create their own whole underwater world picture, without feeling overwhelmed.

This type of part pre-coloured page is perfect for younger kids, or if your child has a lower attention span for coloring.

mermaid girls coloring page for kids

Mermaid Treasure Chest Coloring Page

Again this page has the background of the mermaid scene pre-colored.

Decorate the little mermaid friends and their treasure chest. What treasure have they found inside? This mermaid coloring picture is perfect for adding sparkly stickers or glitter glue to make it even more sparkly, glittery and pretty.

mermaid treasure chest coloring page

More Mermaid and Ocean Activities for Kids

If your kids can’t get enough of life under the sea, we have got you covered. Take a look at our ocean crafts, fish crafts for kids and all kinds of ocean themed sensory activities.

Coloring Pages for Kids

We have so many free printable coloring pages for kids here at In The Playroom, featuring all of your children’s favorite characters and themes. Take a look around and get your printer ready, you’re going to want to stock up!

Coloring is a great activity to fit with all kinds of themes and seasons.

Download Mermaids with Ocean Background Coloring Pages in PDF

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Download Cute Mermaid Coloring PDF


Click the download button below for your free instant digital download of these five mermaid coloring sheets.

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free printable mermaid coloring pages for kids

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Have a mer-mazing day!

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