Dinosaur Colouring Pages for Kids

Print these free dinosaur coloring pages to keep your little dino lover entertained. Today we have a free printable pack of ten dinosaur themed coloring sheets to share.

Dinosaur coloring sheets are fun for kids of all ages, and will come in handy if you’re planning a dinosaur party or learning about dinosaurs. There are so many cool dinosaur facts that kids can study!

Set of 10 free printable dinosaur colouring pages featuring realistic dinosaurs and dinosaur scene. My boys will love these

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but their popularity will never die out! Dinosaurs is a theme with timeless appeal to kids.

Grab your favorite color crayons and markers and let’s go! With these dinosaur scene pictures kids can make some beautiful coloring pictures. You can download all of these in PDF format at the end of this blog post. 

Click the PDF download links below each image to download these free colouring sheets and print as many copies as you like, for the kids to colour in using crayons, markers, felt tip pens or paints.

You will need: printer, plain printer paper, coloring pens, pencils, markers of your choice.

Dinosaur Scene Coloring Page

Kids of all ages can color this dinosaur picture, showing a stegosaurus roaming in his dinosaur land. Stegosaurus is a herbivore, so we see him here eating vegetation.

free printables dinosaur colouring pages for kids


Click the download button below for your free instant digital download.

This PDF has the one colouring page shown above, showing the dinosaur along with his background environment for kids to colour.

Download this dinosaur colouring page in PDF format here, to print at home

Types of Dinosaur Coloring Sheets

These dinosaur coloring pages have the dinosaur name next to each one, to help with learning the names of the dinosaurs.

These dinosaur name coloring pages are in landscape format and there are five different dinosaur pictures to color.

free printable dinosaur coloring pages with the names of the dinosaurs written on each page

Triceratops Coloring Page

Triceratops is named for his three horns upon his head.

triceratops coloring page for kids who love dinosaurs

Ankylosaurus Coloring Page

Ankylosaurus is a heavily armoured dinosaur with a powerful tail

ankylosaurus coloring page for kids who love dinosaurs

Stegosaurus Coloring Page

Stegosaurus has spiky plates all the way along his back.

stegosaurus coloring page for kids who love dinosaurs

Velociraptor Coloring Page

Velociraptor is a carnivore dinosaur, known for it’s super speed.

velociraptor coloring page for kids who love dinosaurs

Parasaurolophus Coloring Page

Parasaurolophus is a herbivore who once lived in what is now North America.

parasaurolophus coloring page for kids who love dinosaurs

Ask the kids how many more types of dinosaurs they can think of. Can they list the dinosaurs in alphabetical order?

Which period is each dinosaur found in? The Triassic, Jurassic, or the Cretaceous period? Each one contains different varieties of dinosaur.


Download all five of these dinosaur coloring pages in one PDF file below. All of these dinosaur coloring sheets are free for personal use, or classroom use.

Ink Sketched Dinosaur Coloring Pages

This set has three more herbivores to color – a stegosaurus, and two sauropod dinosaurs. Sauropods are dinosaurs with four legs (also called quadropods) and a long neck, including diplodocus and brachiosaurus.

These unique dinosaur coloring pages have some shading and are also great for kids to use for tracing practice. Your child can place a sheet of tracing paper on top and carefully replicate these dinosaur images, then shade them in with coloring pencils.

Set of 5 dinosaur colouring pages to print for kids


In this free printable coloring page pack, you get the sheet shown above with all three dinosaurs in medium size, plus individual large versions of each dinosaur, which makes four pages.

Download all 4 of these dinosaur colouring pages in PDF format here, to print at home 

More Dinosaur Activities for Kids

Your little dinosaur fans will love these creative ideas with a dinosaur theme and dinosaur crafts that are perfect for little hands.

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toy dinosaurs

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Please go ahead and share these Dinosaur coloring pages with friends and family, so they can be used and enjoyed by other parents and educators.

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free printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids

Happy coloring! We hope your little kidosaurus enjoys these free printables

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