40+ Fun First Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Boys and Girls

It seems like you’ve barely blinked since your tiny newborn was placed in your arms, but before you know it… You’re planning a birthday party! 

We know your little one deserves a great celebration so we are here to help brainstorm some ideas for first birthday party themes for your baby.

first birthday party

The first birthday is a great time to go all out on a cute theme, with coordinated decorations and some cute puns including the number one.

These themes are trending right now with moms planning their babies’ first birthday parties this year.

You’ll find ideas for first birthday party themes for boys, first birthday party theme ideas for girls, and some themes that work equally well for both.

Take into account your child’s birth month, to find a theme that fits perfectly for the time of year.

first birthday party theme ideas for boys and girls

Amazon affiliate links are included for convenience, you can buy your first birthday party decorations ready made or DIY it , depending how much time you have available.

Here are some fun and cute birthday party ideas for your baby turning Wonderful One! Click the links to see prices or more options for inspiration

25 Cute and Unique First Birthday Party Theme Ideas 

Wild one (jungle theme or wild animal safari theme)

This party theme works great for either gender, with loud animal prints, lots of leaves, lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants and all of the animals that babies love.

A wild one theme is a great way to celebrate your little one growing up to be wild, free and be their own person.

wild one first birthday party theme

(source, amazon)

Some Bunny is One 

This super cute theme is great for Spring or Easter birthdays. Dress your newly one year old in some bunny ears for some themed birthday photos, and coordinate the party decor.

This theme is shown below in pink, but can be adapted easily into other color schemes

some bunny is one birthday party theme

First trip around the sun (space)

I love this party theme! This is such a cool way to celebrate baby’s first year here on Earth, with lots of stars, planets and astronauts to decorate.

first trip around the sun space birthday party theme

First rodeo (cowboy)

My First Rodeo is a classic boyish party theme for your little cowboy. You can serve your party guests with hot dogs, burgers, and all types of cowboy themed foods that everyone loves.

my first rodeo cowboy birthday party theme

Rookie year (baseball)

My Rookie year is a popular theme for first birthday parties for boys, either with a baseball or American football twist

my rookie year 1st birthday party theme for boys

First fiesta (Mexican)

My first Fiesta is a super cute and colorful first birthday party theme, with bright colors, cactuses, tacos and you are definitely going to need to include a piñata with this one. Maybe a pinata cake too!

first fiesta birthday party theme idea

Sweet one (sweets and candy and ice cream)

This is a sweet and super cute theme which works well with gorgeous pastel colors, or bright candy pink.

You can work in sweet treats like candy, donuts, ice cream and I’ve also seen moms take this theme in a fruity direction with strawberry decor which also looks great!

sweet one birthday party theme

One in a melon

One in a melon is the perfect theme for a summer birthday, with a refreshing green and pink color scheme this is an adorable way to celebrate your one in a million baby, with sweet and juicy water melon.

one in a melon birthday party theme for summer birthday

O-fish-ally one or The Big One (Gone fishing theme)

This is a fun and colourful first birthday party theme that’s more popular for boys.

A first birthday celebration with all the family – what a catch!

ofishally one the big one gone fishing birthday party theme

One-der the sea

One-der the sea works great for a beautiful mermaid themed party, but can also be used to create an under the sea theme with fish and sea creatures like jellyfish, octopuses, whales and sharks.

one-der the sea mermaid or under the sea birthday party theme

Baby in One-derland (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice in Wonderland is a cool and quirky colorful party theme with so many opportunities to include fun decorations, from the Mad Hatter’s top hat, to the Cheshire Cat, playing cards, and more.

You can have a lot of fun with this one a create a stunning party set up.

baby in one-derland Alice in wonderland first birthday party theme

Winter One-derland (for a Winter birthday)

Winter wonderland is a gorgeous birthday party theme for a winter baby (like my youngest, she is born on Christmas Day).

Make everything icy with silver, sparkles, cold blue and purple color scheme, snowflakes and lots of glitter – so pretty!

winter one-derland birthday party theme for winter babies

Once upon a time (fairytale)

Once upon a time, a princess was born and now she is turning one! Of course, they all lived happily ever after. This is all we wish for our babies, to grow up happy with good health.

Create a beautiful floral fairytale party for your unique little princess.

once upon a time a princess is turning one


One happy camper 

One happy camper is a stylish and cute theme that works great for boys but also for girls, with bears, camping tents, and camp style food to serve to your guests like marshmallows and s’mores.

The colors of this party theme work great for a Fall or Autumn birthday, but it also works perfectly for a summer birthday

one happy camper birthday party theme for boys

Hole in one (golf)

Hole in one is a fun golf theme for families who are big golfers, with golf prints, golf balls, and lots of balloons, celebrate your little guy in style.

hole in one golf birthday party theme for boys

Donut Grow Up

The word “one” looks cute with a donut as the “O”, this sweet donut pun makes a cute party theme for a first birthday.

Of course, you will need to serve donuts on your party table. You could make a donut wall, or a donut birthday cake.

donut grow up birthday party decorations

Holy cow I’m one 

A cow themed birthday party works great for boys or girls, and can be used as part of a more general farm theme or you can go out with cow print everything.

holy cow I'm one, cow themed party decorations for baby

Lucky one 

This theme works great for a March birthday around St. Patrick’s Day, with lots of green and gold, and four leaf clovers.

lucky one party theme and decorations, for a march birthday

One-der woman 

Celebrate your mini super woman with red, blue and gold as she grows up to kick ass! This is a great theme for those who want to inspire their little girl to dream big, and see no limits.

Wonder Woman party

Happy first bee-day or Fun to bee one (Bumble bees)

This bumble bee party theme is extremely cute, with lots of yellow and gold. This is a theme which works equally well for boy or girl babies.

happy bee-day bumble bee birthday party theme

One-derful world (adventure or travel themed)

The one-derful world theme celebrates adventure, and all of the places that baby can explore as they grow up and spread their wings.

The adventure theme also works really nicely for a baby shower theme or decor.

You can also adapt this theme to be about nature.

let the adventure begin birthday bunting

Mr or Miss One-derful

Celebrate your little Miss or Mr One-derful with this cute and cheeky party theme idea

mr one-derful first birthday party theme

Lem-one-ade: squeeze the day 

A lemonade theme party has a refreshing yellow color scheme which is gorgeous for summer. This is one of my favorites.

lemonade birthday party theme

Fairest one of all (snow white)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest ONE of all? Snow White is a classic fairy story that works great for a first birthday party theme for a little girl.

15 Popular Birthday Party Themes for a First Birthday

If you don’t want to include the number one in the name of the the party theme, you can just go for an overall general theme like one of these.

You can also use all of these theme ideas as inspiration for a gender reveal or baby shower. Take each concept and make it as simple or as elaborate as you like!

rainbow birthday party theme

These party themes are popular for kids of all ages but they work well and are lots of fun for a first birthday, especially if your little newly turned one year old has started to show an interest and excitement about certain things then it’s a lot of fun to pick that for the birthday party theme.

Either way, all of these themes are bright and colorful, and a lot of fun for little ones to celebrate their first year here on Earth!

jungle animals birthday party
  • Safari or wild animals 
  • Under the sea
  • Mermaid 
mermaid party theme
  • Woodland 
  • Any favourite children’s movie or TV show such as Disney themed, or a Cocomelon party
  • A favourite nursery rhyme such as twinkle twinkle little star or Old MacDonald
stars theme first birthday party
  • Farm animals 
  • Rainbows (especially for a rainbow baby)
  • Dinosaurs 
dinosaur first birthday photo shoot
  • You are my sunshine
  • Fairies 
  • Princess
princess first birthday crown
  • A favourite book such as Hungry Caterpillar, cat in the hat, oh the places you’ll go or Dear Zoo. A great way to celebrate reading, and include baby’s favorite story.
  • Circus 
  • Choo-choo train
  • Hawaiian Party – Aloha, I’m one!
  • Time flies (plane or bird themed)
  • Transport
birthday wagon

Using one of these themes, you can tie in the decorations, color scheme, first birthday cake and setting, and get some really cute first birthday pictures.

Here are a few popular ideas for first birthday photo shoots that you can even do at home

Make a Number 1 Shaped Pinata

number 1 piñata for first birthday

Make a Number 1 from Balloons

make a number 1 from balloons

Make a Highchair Banner

one highchair banner decoration for first birthday party

Cake Smash

first birthday cake smash boys
first birthday cake smash girls

First Birthday Party Supplies Checklist

To help you plan here are a few of the items you may want to check off your list.

You don’t need everything, go with as much as little as you need for your own party but the list is here to help you out with inspiration, and make sure you don’t forget something!

  • Cake
  • Party food
  • Table cloth
  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • High chair decor
  • Paper fans or pom poms
  • Baby first birthday outfit
  • Photoshoot props
  • Party backdrop
  • Party favors
  • Gift bags
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Party table decor

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More Party Inspiration


Know a parent with a little one approaching their first birthday? Help them out with this list. The first birthday is a huge milestone for every parent, and such a special moment.

Or Pin to your Pinterest board so you’ll have this handy when your little one’s big day is coming up.

Over 40 super cute theme ideas for first birthday party, for boys and girls

Whichever first birthday party theme you choose, happy celebrating!

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