Ocean Scene Window Art for Kids

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We love using our windows for creative activities. Whether it’s making sun catchers to hang up, or making a whole scene like this ocean one, the natural light that comes through your windows makes them a perfect canvas for kids art projects.

Ocean window scene craft for kids underwater theme

This ocean scene was made by R, age 3, together with me. Most of the decorating is really simple to do, so it’s an ideal project for toddlers and preschoolers upwards.

As we’re part of the Bostik Family Blogger Network, we made this craft project from our box this month. To make an ocean window scene you will need:

supplies for ocean window art

First, you need to make your ocean scene frame. If you’re doing this project with a toddler you will probably need to cut the frame out for them and maybe help with some of  the sticking.

Make four small cuts where each of the inside corners of your border will be, and then cut between each one to make a frame.

make a frame

Then, your toddler can apply glue all over the back of the frame, on the plain side of the shiny card.

gluing on the frame

Stick this down on top of the blue cellophane. You will probably need to trim the edges of the cellophane a little.


Once this is all trimmed and ready, you can blu tack it onto the window, give your child the stickers and shells and they are ready to decorate!

If your toddler or preschooler is learning to recognise letters too then they will also love this ocean letter find activity, to go along with the ocean theme.

Ocean Scene Invitation to Create

Ocean scene invitation to create on the window

R had lots of fun deciding where to put all of his fishes and ocean creatures.

making an ocean picture

Once everything is in place, you can add your green cellophane strips to make plants at the bottom of the ocean. We stuck these on using the glue stick (blu stick from Bostik)

ocean scene

Add your shells onto the frame using Blu tack, and you are done! R really loves blu tack, so when you’re done with the picture it’s fun to play around with the blu tack – stretching it out, squishing it back together, rolling balls with it. It has more resistance than playdough and can be a fun texture for young children to explore.

ocean scene with blu tack

For adding the shells to the frame, make sure that your child puts a generous amount of blu tack on the back of each shell so that it holds well and doesn’t fall off.

And there you have your finished ocean scene.

Under water ocean scene on the window

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