Super Sparkly Jellyfish Craft (An Easy-Peasy Craft Project)

I’d like to share an easy-peasy jellyfish craft project that went down a storm at a playdate last week: The Super Sparkly Jellyfish!

As the mother of a highly sociable 4-year-old, I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy craft ideas to break up her playdates.

At this age, after an hour or so, even best friends start to squabble. So this is the time to switch things up, change the dynamic and focus in on something creative.

These fun and sparkly jellyfish crafts make an ideal summer craft for preschoolers.

My daughter and her friend had just returned from nursery where they had been learning about holidays. The talk was all about sun, sea, sand, and ice cream. After wistfully dreaming I was on a beach with a mojito, I returned to the real-world and set about planning a seaside themed project. The girls were super excited to make jellyfish, and so here’s how we did it:

Jellyfish Craft Supplies

What you will need:

  • Cardboard pre-cut into the shape of a jellyfish body;
  • Paints of a few different colors + brushes;
  • PVA glue + glue stick;
  • Glitter and/or sparkly shapes to stick on;
  • Tissue paper, ribbon and/or wool, all pre-cut into long strips (older children could do the cutting themselves);
  • A straw; and
  • Sticky tape

How to Make Your Jellyfish Craft

1) Paint the jellyfish body

Put out the jellyfish bodies and the paint, and let the kids go wild. Allow them to paint their jellyfish as they see fit (there is no wrong jellyfish color or pattern) and leave to dry.

It’s a good idea to leave all sparkly things out of sight at this stage.

This way the children get to concentrate on painting without being distracted by the glitter that is to come.

(After painting, I got out a hair dryer to speed up the drying. The girls helped out and it was all good noisy fun!)

2) Attach the straw

Once dry, bring out the straw and sticky tape and stick the straw to the back of the jellyfish body.

3) Stick on the tentacles

Now you’re ready to stick (or glue) the pre-cut strips to the back of the jellyfish. Encourage the children to attach them closer to the bottom of the body so they enjoy the full length of the tentacles.

4) Sparkle time!

It’s time for the final stage – sparkle.

Adorn the jellyfish with glitter, stickers, sparkly shapes, or anything else you have at home to make the jellyfish look extra jazzy and gorgeous.

Quick tip: leave for 20 minutes to allow the glue to completely dry.

That way the glitter adheres to the jellyfish and doesn’t make its way into your furniture and carpet.

And there you have it; a super sparkly, dangly jellyfish!


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  1. We love sparkle and glitter in our household!!! These jelly fish look nice and easy to do and I love art activities where all the kids can succeed and create wonderful masterpieces of their own.


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