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Butterflies are always fun to draw and colour. You can be creative with colours and patterns, and there is a little learning involved as you focus on symmetry.

Are you looking for butterfly coloring pages for kids? We have got you covered!

Today we have a fun butterfly themed printable pack to share with you, featuring 16 pages of printable butterfly colouring pages and activity sheets for kids of all ages.

You can download the PDF files to print at the end of this blog post.

free printable butterfly colouring pages

This pack includes:

  • 3 pages of large butterflies to colour
  • 2 pages of butterflies to decorate
  • 1 butterfly in flight
  • 1 caterpillar
  • 1 page of small butterflies to colour
  • 1 page to fill with your own butterfly drawings

Updated for 2022:

  • 7 more butterfly coloring pages for kids
  • How to draw a butterfly printable activities
  • Butterfly color by number

Lets go through a preview of all the butterfly coloring sheet pages, but you will probably want to print the PDF version for better quality.

Color and decorate your butterflies – butterfly coloring page

Color these two beautiful butterflies, will they be the same of different?

butterfly colouring pages
butterfly colouring pages
butterfly colouring pages

These butterfly templates could be decorated in so many different ways, using different mediums and materials to decorate the wings – whatever you like!

Pom poms, glitter or ripped tissue paper would all work well to make your own butterfly crafts – there are so many ways!

Design Your Own Butterflies Coloring Pages

Use these printable butterfly outline templates to design your own butterflies, decorating the wings using symmetrical patterns.

design your own butterflies printable activity sheets
design your own butterflies printable butterfly templates

Butterfly in flight coloring page

This butterfly is fluttering and flying in the sky. Kids can grab their crayons and pencils in their favorite colors to fill in the wings and make her even more beautiful.

where do you think the butterfly is flying butterfly colouring sheet

Caterpillar Coloring Page

Of course, you can’t forget the butterflies humble beginnings as a caterpillar so I had to include just one caterpillar colouring page too!

It’s fun to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly – from a tiny egg into a caterpillar, into a cucoon and blossoming into a beautiful butterfly.

caterpillar colouring page

Caterpillar crafts

Compliment your caterpillar coloring with some caterpillar crafts. The most famous book to talk about the change from caterpillar into butterfly, is of course the Hungry Caterpillar

And finally, some more small butterflies to colour and to draw

butterflies colouring page

Butterfly Drawing Prompts

This butterfly drawing prompt page has plenty of empty space for children to use their imagination and fill in the blank space with lots of beautiful butterfly pictures to celebrate our colorful world.

Even the youngest family members can have a go at drawing some gorgeous butterflies on this page.

butterflies drawing prompt page

It’s always fun to have a go at drawing your own butterflies as well as colouring the pictures provided.

Butterfly coloring pages are great for mindful coloring, the more detailed butterfly coloring pages are perfect for older kids and the cute simple butterflies are brilliant for toddlers and small children.

Coloring is an ideal activity for all ages – helping to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and offering an opportunity for calming and grounding to help kids regulate.

Butterfly Coloring Sheets Pack 2

The butterfly coloring pages below are in the second PDF added 2022

Color the beautiful shapes and patterns on the butterflies wings.

butterfly coloring page

Color the gorgeous butterfly wings with detailed designs

monarch butterfly coloring page

Color this big butterfly picture

Did you know? The largest butterfly in the world is Queen Alexandra’s birdwing. It’s found in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea.

And on the other side – the smallest butterfly is the Western Pygmy blue butterfly.

big butterfly coloring page

Color these three pretty butterflies

butterflies coloring page

Color these four cute butterflies

cute butterflies coloring page

Color these six butterflies with detailed patterns, in beautiful colors however you like. It’s great stress relief for moms to join in with the coloring too!

detailed pattern butterfly coloring page

Color these butterflies in the leaves, and their little ladybug friend. This page has intricate designs and lots of detail.

butterfly and ladybug coloring

Some of the most common butterflies found in the US and the UK are the cabbage white, and the meadow brown.

Considered one of the most beautiful is the Blue morpho, because of it’s striking blue color

Sadly, some of our butterfly species who used to be common are now endangered – like the Monarch butterfly. It’s really important to be careful around butterflies and help to protect them!

How to Draw a Butterfly Printable Activity Page

how to draw butterflies

Use the grid to copy the butterfly pictures, making sure to keep the contents of each grid square the same on your own picture.

how to draw a butterfly printable
how to draw a butterfly activity for kids

Use the blank grid to complete your butterfly pictures

how to draw grid

Butterfly Color by Number Page

butterfly color by number page for kids

The butterfly color by number page is part of our Spring color by number printable pack, which can be download for free here along with lots of other fun Spring themed color by number pictures.

You might also like our Spring Scavenger Hunt printable to find and color all kinds of nature things we can find in our gardens – nature animals birds plants, what else can you find in the Spring?

Free Printable Colouring Pages and Activity Sheets

Looking for more free printable coloring pages for kids? We have coloring activities for all kinds of the most popular themes and characters here on In The Playroom.

You can see a few of our free printables below, but we have hundreds so take a browse around and be sure to stock up on printer paper!

Butterfly Crafts

Extend the butterfly theme even further, from butterfly coloring and drawing into butterfly crafts with the kids. Here are a few simple and fun ideas for easy butterfly crafts.

Download Butterfly Coloring PDF

The free printable butterfly coloring pages for kids are split across multiple PDF files, (as we keep adding more butterfly coloring printable sets) you can download all of these butterfly images below.

Click the download button for your free instant digital download of the PDF files.

This file will download as a PDF, and then you can to print all of the pages, or whichever ones you prefer if it’s just specific ones you want – or need multiples of certain pages.

Terms of use: free for personal use / free for classroom use.

Butterfly Coloring Pages Pack 1

Butterfly Coloring Pages Pack 2

How to Draw a Butterfly PDF

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I hope you and your children enjoy these fun butterfly colouring pages. My daughter loves coloring these butterfly pictures, I’m sure your little boys and girls will too.

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free printable butterfly coloring pages for kids

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  2. These butterfly coloring pages are fantastic! I love how they offer a wide variety of designs and activities to engage kids of all ages. Coloring butterflies allows children to be creative and explore different colors and patterns. Additionally, the butterfly-themed activity sheets, such as drawing prompts and color by number, provide additional learning opportunities. Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource with us!
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