Free Printable Butterfly Colouring Pages

Butterflies are always fun to draw and colour. You can be creative with colours and patterns, and there is a little learning involved as you focus on symmetry.

Today I have a fun butterfly themed printable pack to share with you, featuring 9 pages of printable butterfly colouring pages and activity sheets.

You can download the PDF at the end of this blog post.

free printable butterfly colouring pagesThis pack includes:

  • 3 pages of large butterflies to colour
  • 2 pages of butterflies to decorate
  • 1 butterfly in flight
  • 1 caterpillar
  • 1 page of small butterflies to colour
  • 1 page to fill with your own butterfly drawings

Here’s a preview of the pages, but you will probably want to print the PDF version for better quality.

butterfly colouring pages butterfly colouring pages butterfly colouring pages

These butterfly templates could be decorated in so many different ways, using different mediums and materials to decorate the wings – whatever you like! Pom poms, glitter or ripped tissue paper would all work well.

design your own butterflies printable activity sheets design your own butterflies printable butterfly templates


where do you think the butterfly is flying butterfly colouring sheet

Of course, you can’t forget the butterflies humble beginnings as a caterpillar so I had to include just one caterpillar colouring page too!

It’s fun to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly – from caterpillar, into a cucoon and blossoming into a beautiful butterfly.

caterpillar colouring pageAnd finally, some more small butterflies to colour and to draw

butterflies colouring page butterflies drawing prompt page

It’s always fun to have a go at drawing your own butterflies as well as colouring the pictures provided.

Download the whole 9 page butterfly printable pack here.

This file will download as a PDF, and then you can to print all of the pages, or whichever ones you prefer if it’s just specific ones you want – or need multiples of certain pages.

I hope you and your children enjoy these fun butterfly colouring pages.

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  1. This site is great! My daughter loves those cute Coloring pages that you have, I have printed some for my daughter and she really like how this coloring pages have been easy to color specially for a kid like her. This site also has great coloring pages that you can enjoy coloring…Not just for your kids but also for moms like me. You can color together and be coloring your mom and daughter time.


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