Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt Activity for Kids

If you’re looking for indoor treasure hunts to keep the kids busy, take a look at ActivityTreasureHunt on Etsy. This Etsy store has a great variety of all kinds of themed treasure hunts for kids, that you can buy as a digital download and then print at home to keep children busy, entertained and active.

There are treasure hunts for dinosaur themes, under water themes, pirates, fairies, camping themed treasure hunts and so much more.

We decided to go for the Chinese New Year treasure hunt, as it is perfect for this time of year and a fun way to get kids involved with this cultural celebration.

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt printable pack with clues and activity pages to make an indoor treasure hunt for kids, with a Chinese new year theme

Activity Treasure Hunts is a small family business based in the UK.

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Encanto Coloring pages and Activity Sheets for Kids (Free Printables)

You can not have missed all the hype about Encanto. This movie is quickly becoming a favorite with families everywhere, and with good reason.

So today we’re giving you free printable Encanto coloring pages that kids will love (these are great for toddlers and preschoolers) along with some bonus educational activity sheets – all with an Encanto theme, these include activities that work well for older kids, and provide some hands on activity ideas with learning opportunities that link into the themes of the movie. 

free printable encanto coloring and activities for kids

Free Printable Encanto Coloring Pages

Kids of all ages love to color pictures of their favorite characters, so print out these Disney coloring pages and activity sheets to go alongside Disney’s newest hit Encanto and give them a chance to work on their fine motor skills, creativity and keep busy all while having fun.

Don’t forget to check out these fun Disney Encanto facts too. Maybe you can make your own Encanto quiz with the kids!

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What Colors Make Green? Color Mixing Activity for Kids (with Printables)

Most children love colors and mixing them together. They get the opportunity to play with their own creativity by making different combinations and shades.

How do we mix different colors, make a lighter shade or a darker shade?Offering color mixing activities is a great way to allow the children to discover the outcomes for themselves, and to be amazed by the results. 

The activities in this blog post will have children mixing and matching their own colors in order to discover what they need to make the color green – and the rest of the colors in the rainbow.

FREE PRINTABLE color mixing worksheets and activities, exploring shades and tones of a color

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Free Printable Spiderman Colouring Pages and Activity Sheets

My kids are crazy about Spider-Man, from the 5 year old to the 10 year old, Spider-Man is definitely the favorite Marvel comic book character. 

Today we have a special printable pack of Spiderman coloring pages and activity worksheets to share with you.

Spiderman colouring in and activities printables pack

This Spiderman printables pack includes:

  • Baddie dot to dot
  • Spiderman colouring in (2 sheets)
  • Spiderman 3d maze
  • Spot the difference with scenes from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 (3 sheets)
  • Quiz Questions

These activities in the Marvel Spiderman printable kit are a fun way to work on motor skills, color recognition and spend some free time together, with these printable pictures featuring our favorite radioactive spider guy!

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Valentines Color By Number Printables for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there are lots of creative ways to help your kids celebrate this special holiday! With these cute valentine coloring pages, your kids will have a blast creating colorful designs to give to their loved ones. 

Spending quality time together with our kids is an easy and effective way to say “I love you”, so we’ve created a Valentine’s Day coloring book that you can do together.

In this coloring book, your kid will be able to choose one of seven adorable illustrations and then color them by numbers (instead of just using crayons).

Each page comes with a color by number key at the top so that kids can practice their colour and number recognition as well as working on fine motor skills. After they’ve colored the pictures, they could add a special message on the back of each page. 

Print these 7 Free Valentines Day Color by Number Coloring Pages for kids, for a fun and easy way to spend quality time together this V Day

Color by number is an activity that can be done with kids as young as 2 years old, with some help. While older kids can complete these pages independently. Either way, they will have a lot of fun while doing it!

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Winter PomPom Mats Free Printable Fine Motor Activity for Kids

A great way to get your kids’ motor skills going in the right direction is by getting them involved in fun games and activities that give the chance to practice these skills through play.

These 14 Winter pompom mats are a fine motor activity for kids that helps develop hand eye coordination and finger strength as children use their pincer grip to pick up and place the small pieces.

It also has the added benefit of helping them to develop a positive attitude towards the winter months. And the best thing is, it’s FREE!

These printable fine motor activity mats are designed for young kids around ages 2-6 to help them develop hand-eye coordination, practice their handwriting, and stimulate their minds.

free printable set of 14 winter Pom Pom mats a fun printable activity to help work on fine motor skills

Printable fine motor activities for kids are great to have on hand when you need a quick and simple activity that will keep your child’s mind and hands active.

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Physical Activities and Exercises Your Kids Will Love (with free Printables)

Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, there are fun and easy ways they can burn off excess energy this winter with physical activities they will love!

We are here to share three fun indoor games you can play at home that will get your kid’s heart pumping. We’ll take you through all of the games and you can download your set of free printables at the end of the post. 

Active games for physical indoor play this winter. Great to keep the kids busy and use up energy, with free printables to go alongside each of the games.

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Chinese New Year Color By Number Pages (Free Printable)

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and there are so many good things to eat and fun activities to do.

In celebration of Chinese New Year this February, we have prepared a collection of 8 free printable color by number pages, perfect for kids to print, color, and get creative with.

These free Chinese New Year color by number coloring pages are a great activity for getting the kids (or you!) in the mood for the Year of the Tiger this Chinese New Year 2022.

Download this free printable set of 8 Chinese New Year Color by Number pages including Chinese lanterns, Chinese dragon, firecrackers and more

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How to Make Your Own Vision Board For Kids (with printable template)

Creating your own vision board or dream board can help you define your dreams, visualize them, and get them in front of you. A simple vision board is a great hands on tool for goal setting for kids and even adults. But how do you make a vision board with kids? We are here to help.

With this guide, and our free printable templates, you can make your own goal boards or vision board with the kids and introduce them to the power of visualization.

Once you’re done, hang it on a wall or keep it so that they can refer back to it anytime they need inspiration.

Whether your kid has a dream of being a rock star or a doctor, this activity can help them to visualize their own future.

Make your kids’ 2022 visions come true with this printable vision board for kids activity.

vision board for kids displayed in a frame

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Free Chinese New Year Printables and Activities for Kids

Chinese New Year is nearly here and to help you along with the Chinese New Year celebrations, we have prepared these free printables to enjoy with the kids.

If you’re stuck for ideas, or want to give your kids a quick and easy activity to tie in with Chinese New Year, these fun and educational printables are a great way to get kids of all ages involved in the annual Chinese New Year festivities.

With a variety of activities including Chinese New Year coloring page, word search, maze and more, this free printable pack has 8 pages with plenty to keep the kids busy.

For hundreds of years, the Chinese people have observed the lunar new year. This year, it falls on Tuesday February 1st and brings in the Year of the Tiger. Chinese New Year does not last only one day – the holiday will continue until February 15th when it concludes with the Lantern Festival. 

chinese new year lanterns

Because the Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese calendar (Chinese Lunar Calendar), not the Western solar calendar, the date can vary slightly each year. But the date of Chinese New Year tends to be late January or early February.

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