Perler Bead Patterns Space Crafts

Our free printable Outer Space Perler Bead Patterns are the perfect way to get your kids involved in space crafts.

Kids love to create and they are always on the look out for new ways to express themselves.

So, if you are looking for some creative ideas to use with your kids this Perler Bead Pattern free printable template is a fun way to make all kinds of super sonic Space Crafts with kids including a rocket, planets and even awesome alien crafts.

free printable perler bead pattern templates for space crafts, rockets, planets and aliens

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Coffee Painting Treasure Map Craft

Ahoy there! Prepare yourself for making your own authentic-looking treasure map using coffee paint.

The coffee paint will give your ancient treasure map a perfect aged look. Have fun using your imagination as you dream up the details of your pirate treasure map.

Only your imagination is the limit to what can be included—just don’t forget that X marks the spot!

Why not use your treasure map as a prompt for starting your own pirate adventure!

Make a Treasure Map

coffee painted pirate treasure map craft

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Easy Cardboard Crown Craft

This cardboard crown craft could not be easier. Our 5 year old girl’s decorated their crowns independently and the best part is, once you’ve finished making the crown you can wear it!

If you’re looking for an easy crown to make for the jubilee, or an easy craft for your child’s princess party then let us show you how to make a recycled cardboard crown craft with the kids.

DIY cardboard crown for kids


All you need to make your own cardboard crown is a few basic craft supplies. You can recycle cardboard from left over packaging.

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Van Gogh Starry Night Craft Template [Free Printable]

In this post we will look at different ways to introduce kids to famous works of art, and provide a free printable craft template for Van Gogh Starry Night which you can use as a starting point with your child.

My boys love to get creative and express themselves with pens, paints and whatever creative materials they can get their hands on! But I have to admit I hadn’t really introduced them to any of the famous artists yet.

Van Gogh starry night outline free printable template to use for crafts or as a coloring page

When Galt challenged us to recreate our own version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night this was a perfect opportunity to introduce the kids to one of the Old Masters for the first time.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Van Gogh Starry Night

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38 Jawsome Shark Crafts for Kids

Shark crafts make a perfect summer craft for kids, and I’ve been seeing so many creative shark crafts and shark activities for kids popping up on some of my favourite blogs.

Whether you want to use these easy shark crafts during Shark week (11-18 July), or as shark project ideas for an underwater theme, we have fun shark crafts for kids of all ages – toddlers, preschoolers and older kids at school.

I’ve gathered together some of the best shark crafts to share with you today in this “jaw-some” round up. I hope you enjoy them!

shark crafts for kids

Click each of the links below to see each project in more detail, along with instructions on how to make the craft.

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20+ Simple Easter Bonnet Ideas

Making Easter bonnets is a longstanding Easter tradition, I remember making them in school as a child, and my elder brothers before me too.

If you’re looking for simple Easter Bonnet ideas for your child’s Easter Bonnet competition, or your local Easter Bonnet parade then here are a few easy ways to make an Easter Bonnet.

We have gathered together over 20 different Easter Bonnet ideas for kids. Check them out and I’m sure it will help you out with some inspiration.

More than 20 easy Easter Bonnet ideas for kids, for the easter hat parade or Easter Bonnet competition

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Easy Toilet Paper Tube Mermaid Craft for Kids

For those with small children, there are times when a simple craft project is exactly what’s needed.

Toilet paper tubes or toilet paper rolls are something we all have spare around the house. So before throwing them in the trash, why not create a little fun project for your children to do during craft time?

This easy toilet paper tube mermaid craft is a fun and creative way for kids to practice their fine motor skills, while having fun.

Toilet Paper Roll Mermaid Craft

We all love mermaids but the kids in particular are obsessed with them. Children love mermaids because they are so magical and mythical, and because they live underwater. 

The most famous mermaid has to be Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. This Disney Princess’ story is based on a traditional tale from Hans Cristian Anderson. But, we can make all kinds of mermaids with gorgeous colorful tails and hair.

These super cute toilet paper roll mermaids are easy to make and would make a fun activity for kids of all ages. 

toilet paper tube mermaid craft for kids

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I Love You to Pieces Free Printable for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a super easy Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers or preschoolers? With our free printable heart template you can put together an activity in just a few minutes. This heart template can be used for the classic “I love you to pieces” Valentines craft either with ripped pieces of paper, or with puzzle pieces.

I love you to pieces puzzle piece craft for kids on valentines day

I Love You to Pieces Toddler Valentines Craft

You can download and print our free printable heart template to use for whichever version of this classic toddler Valentine’s Day craft that you prefer.

This is one of the most popular and well loved Valentine’s Day craft ideas for younger children, because it is so easy to do and the results are super cute!

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