Super Cute Little Babies Dolls Review

Meet the Super Cute Little Babies! This range of brand new baby dolls with unique super powers are themed around protecting the environment and helping others, a lovely positive message for our kids.

There are four different Super Cute Little Babies characters to collect, and 5 year old N loved the ones that we received to try out.

N loves the idea of helping others, and doing what we can to help the environment so this theme instantly appealed to us, and of course the super cute little babies are adorable too, with beautiful bright colours and lots of accessories included to make saving the planet even more fun.

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Stay Active with Sling Ball

Keeping the kids active and ensuring they spend plenty of time outdoors is so important. Not only does it benefit our physical health, and help to prevent obesity in children but physical outdoor play is also really beneficial for mental health.

We are working with Stay Active as a Stay Active Ambassador alongside Greg Rutherford, to show you some of the brilliant active toys available from Character Options, in their Stay Active range.

This month, we have been staying active with SLINGBALL.

sling ball stay active game

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Cheerfun LCD Writing Tablets – One Of The Best Ways To Entertain Your Kids On The Go

Road trips are a special time in our lives. Whether it’s across town or across the country, they’re a chance to spend quality time with our families.

We’ve all been there—driving in the middle of nowhere, hoping to find the closest place to grab a bite to eat or a few drinks before heading back home. That’s why it’s important to keep the kids entertained.

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Toomies Jurassic World Spin and Hatch Eggs

Jurassic World Spin and Hatch is a fun new toy from Tomy, that little ones will love.

With five baby dinosaurs ready to hatch out from their eggs, there is lots of keep toddlers entertained, and they will be busy learning as they play.

Toomies Jurassic World Spin and Hatch Eggs will be most suitable for toddlers of around 1-3 years old. Made with chunky durable plastic in bright colours, the eggs are perfect for little hands.

This toy would be a perfect gift idea for a first birthday, as it’s something that can be enjoyed by a 12 month old, and continue to be played with over the next few years as he or she grows!

Tomy toomies jurassic world spin and hatch dino eggs toy

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T-Racers Turbo Wheels Review (and Giveaway!)

T-Racers turbo wheels is a super cool new collectable constructible vehicle brand where kids can build their own cars by mixing and matching five different parts that come in surprise blind bags 🚗

t-racers turbo wheels toys

With 16 T-Racer vehicles to collect that’s over 500 combinations to mix and match 🤯

N was lucky enough to find the Ultra Rare driver, you can see him at the front with the gold glasses – doesn’t he look cool?!

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Unique Eyes Dolls Review

Unique Eyes are a gorgeous new range of fashion dolls for kids, with unique magical eyes that really stand out. There are three different dolls in the range – Amy, Rebecca and Sophia – and N (age 5) was sent the Amy Total Look Unique Eyes doll to review.

unique eye dolls Amy

All of the dolls in the range have big stunningly beautiful eyes, each one in a different color.

Amy’s are green, which is my favourite since I have green eyes myself. Rebecca has brown and Sophia has blue, so all of the most common eye colours are covered and your child could pick the doll with their own matching eye colour.

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SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom Review and Giveaway

Do your kids love SuperThings? Then you are in luck, as today we have a fun SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom giveaway where your kids can win two of the brand new SuperThings robot toys!

We will also show you the new range of SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom toys and blind bags, which were a huge hit with N. These collectable blind bag toys are a lot of fun to open and to play with afterwards.

super things guardians of kazoom toys

SuperThings Guardians of Kazoom New Series

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