Upgrading Your Living Space With A Lift Top Coffee Table

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By Luciana Oliveira

We are always sharing some innovative and easy ways to renovate specific parts of your home. In this post we will be exploring the trending lift top coffee table and how they can add a touch of modernity to your living space.

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I guess by now you probably noticed that here at In The Playroom we love everything home décor. We know how much redecorating can be stressful but also very fun. I particularly love moving things around, changing themes and colours according to the seasons or even my own mood.

Sometimes when you aren’t feeling great or need to shake things up you should divert that energy into decorating your home. I think we all appreciate it even more now after these long period of lockdown.

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Being stuck at home for so long definitely brought those feelings to surface and and in a way decorating is a productive way to keep us focused and busy. And the results can really help improve your mood.

I am a huge fan of minimalism and the idea of having one item that serves multiple purposes really speaks to me, that’s why when I heard about lift top coffee tables I was intrigued.

Now let me tell you why this amazing piece of furniture is a must have in any home and why Yaheetech lift top coffee table is the best option available:

It is multi-functional

coffee table storage

This had to be my first reason. Like I said, as a minimalist having one item that serves multiple purposes is very appealing.

This gorgeous tables are also great to store and disguise some items you don’t need to be out all the time.

The hidden compartment beneath the top is designed to store your often-used items like magazines, laptop, chess, remote controllers, game controllers and so on, keeping them handy and dirt-free; a lower open shelf can hold blankets, snacks or knick-knacks

I love hiding things away and keeping surfaces decluttered and clear. Also if you have a compact floor space, this is a great option.

It is easy to operate and assemble

The tabletop can be easily lifted up and forward to create a work surface, high-quality mechanism enables the tabletop to be lifted up or lowered down effortlessly and noiselessly.

It is great to help you with your posture as you can elevate it to a more suitable height, meaning you can use it for work but also when you are just trying to relax watching a film.

With this versatile lift top table, you don’t need to lean forward so hard in order to use your laptop, write or dine on the table while relaxing on the couch.

lift top coffee table
The package includes all necessary fittings and an illustrated instruction manual to help you set up this lift-top coffee table quickly and without difficulties.

It is beautifully designed

This modern and contemporary table is simple in shape and chic in color, can perfectly compatible with your room style and décor; a practical and beautiful coffee table in small spaces, works great in the living room and office.

It also comes in 3 gorgeous colours to suit your personality and style you are going for when renovating.

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Yaheetech is an e-commerce company specializing in the sale of heavy goods and was established in 2003. Since then, it has grown into a next generation e-commerce enterprise that operates globally and constantly develops new & in-demand products. Visit their online UK store to explore their amazing range of products and learn more about the lift top coffee table we discussed in this post.

Yaheetech, established in 2003, is a professional brand specializing in home and office furniture. With 39 self-own warehouses worldwide, we deliver a wide selection of quality furniture products within 3 days locally and support 30 days no reason to return and exchange goods policies.

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We commit to providing the best comfort and enjoyment for your home and office.

These gorgeous tables are also super easy to clean and water resistant. If you are a mum like us an have children constantly spilling drinks you will not have to worry after committing to the Yaheetech Lift Top coffee table as it has a protective veneer that will keep your table looking perfect for longer.

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If you want to know more about these great coffee table check this blog link and to learn more about this cost effective and stylish coffee tables.

The Yaheetech Lift Top coffee table is the perfect mix of modern and practical. The multi-functionality aspect of these tables will allow you to comfortably work, chill watching your favourite TV program and also store items you don’t want cluttering the eyesight.

When decorating, remember that the living space of your home is where you most probably spend most of your time with your family and friends, therefore you want it to be welcoming and stylish, and also reflect your personality and needs.

They are beautiful, a delight to look at and will definitely be a topic for conversation when you have your friends over for movie night.

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