Today is Going to Be Awesome: Free Printable Colouring Pages for Adults & Grown Up Colouring Book Recommendations

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Colouring is not just for kids. Most of us encourage our little ones to draw and colour as a relaxing quiet time activity, and it can have the same relaxing effect on adults.

I’ve always loved this idea and find it a really calming pass time. It’s the perfect stress relief as it has been proven to reduce levels of cortisol and adrenaline.

Mindful colouring also provides an opportunity for adults to experiment with colour and create art out of their own imagination, which is something that they may not be able to do otherwise.

Grown up colouring books are a good way for us to access this process, but there are plenty of other ways to get your hands dirty. If you want the tactile experience of holding a pencil and drawing on paper, you can invest in some adult colouring pencils or in the more expensive but more portable adult colouring tablets.

The benefits of adult coloring go beyond relaxation and creativity. Coloring has been linked with many therapeutic properties including: improved mood, reduced anxiety, increased focus and attention span, decreased depression symptoms,

This hobby, which is often seen as something for kids, can provide an escape for adults trying to find a little quiet time.

As grown-up colouring books are becoming more and more popular. I have some coloring book recommendations to share with you along with some printable coloring sheets so that you can sample them for yourself.

The “Today is Going to Be Awesome” colouring page is so popular – colouring pictures with quotes or positive affirmations is a great way to boost your mood. 

Grown up colouring pages with "creative inspirations" and "nature mandalas" printable pages

If you’re feeling a little more edgy, try out these swear word coloring pages

In France, colouring for grown ups has become so popular that grown up colouring books are outselling cookbooks! I did notice displays for these in the supermarkets there when I visited recently, and found them really cool (and yes, I bought some of course!)

Back in the UK, I heard about a great range from GMC Distribution including the following creative colouring books. I’ve been colouring from the creative coloring inspirations book as you can see here.

I was tempted by all of the books, but the positive words included in the creative coloring inspirations book really add to the relaxing and uplifting nature of the activity, with inspirational quotes alongside each colouring page and a space to add any of your own notes.

The book includes 30 designs, and gives tips on colour as well as several example pages coloured by artist Marie Browning using a variety of mediums from gel pens, to colouring pencils, pastels and water colours.

I’m looking forward to trying out different mediums on some of the other pages in the book, especially watercolour.

follow your heart colouring page from creative coloring inspirations

Here are all the books currently available in the range

Colouring Books for Grown Ups

10 awesome relaxing and stress relieving colouring books for grown ups

All are published by Design Originals and all priced at £5.99 in the UK available from  For sales information please visit

Printable Grown Up Colouring Pages

If you would like to sample these, you can download a free printable colouring page PDF of each of these designs, via the link below each colouring sheet.

Today is Going to Be Awesome Colouring Page

Today is going to be awesome : Creative Coloring Inspirations Printable colouring page

Mandala Owl Colouring Page

Owl design Nature Mandalas printable colouring page


To download your free PDF copies of the coloring pages, click below and login to “grow” – It is totally free and you will get instant access to the free digital download of the PDF files.

Today is Going to Be Awesome

Owl Mandala

Autumn Themed Inspirational Quotes Coloring from our sister blog On Your Journey

Here are even more free printables and colouring pages that you can download here on In The Playroom:

More Grown Up Colouring Pages

You might also like these free printable adult colouring pages from some of my blogging friends

Inspirational One Word Coloring Pages

Forest Animals Coloring Pages

Teacups and lighthouse colouring pages

Mermaid colouring pages

Chameleon colouring pages

Mindful Flowers colouring pages

Dolphin colouring pages

Happy colouring and creating!

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