Easy Toilet Paper Tube Mermaid Craft for Kids

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For those with small children, there are times when a simple craft project is exactly what’s needed.

Toilet paper tubes or toilet paper rolls are something we all have spare around the house. So before throwing them in the trash, why not create a little fun project for your children to do during craft time?

This easy toilet paper tube mermaid craft is a fun and creative way for kids to practice their fine motor skills, while having fun.

Toilet Paper Roll Mermaid Craft

We all love mermaids but the kids in particular are obsessed with them. Children love mermaids because they are so magical and mythical, and because they live underwater. 

The most famous mermaid has to be Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. This Disney Princess’ story is based on a traditional tale from Hans Cristian Anderson. But, we can make all kinds of mermaids with gorgeous colorful tails and hair.

These super cute toilet paper roll mermaids are easy to make and would make a fun activity for kids of all ages. 

toilet paper tube mermaid craft for kids


To make this simple mermaid craft all you need is a few basic craft supplies

  • Toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes. You can also use kitchen roll tubes cut in half – any old cardboard tubes will work for this craft.
  • Colored tissue paper (green and blue)
  • Colored wool (green, blue and pink)
  • Shell shaped stickers
  • Glue
  • Markers (black and pink/red/purple marker pen)

If you do not have tissue paper, you can substitute with colored construction paper in a pinch. It will not twist quite so easily, but can still be used for the mermaid tail.

supplies for toilet paper tube mermaid


Let us show you an easy way to make an incredible mermaid craft with your kids that they can even play with once they’ve finished putting it together. 

Here are the instructions step by step

Step 1

First take the colored tissue paper and wrap around the lower half of the toilet paper roll, and glue down firmly using the glue stick.

Leave the top side of the cardboard tube uncovered. The exposed cardboard will become the skin color of the mermaid.

toilet paper roll and tissue paper

Step 2

Next, twist the lower half of the tissue paper to create a tail for the mermaid.

make a mermaid tail

Step 3

Add two shell shaped stickers for the Mermaid’s top or bikini. You can cut little shell shapes from paper if you don’t have shell stickers to hand – just attach with the glue stick.

toilet paper roll mermaid steps

Step 4

Next, draw a simple face for your mermaid. Use the black marker for eyes and mouth, and a little bit of red, pink or purple for some blushing cheeks.

step by step toilet paper roll mermaid

Step 5

For the final step, you need to add the mermaid’s hair. Make some colorful long flowing hair with wool, just take some strands of wool in your chosen colors and glue down to the inside top of the cardboard tube.

toilet paper roll mermaid with wool hair

Your mermaid is all done! Mermaizing!

super easy toilet paper roll mermaid craft for kids

What name will you choose for your mermaid craft?

Ariel or Melody or Sparkle or Oceana or Siren or Waverly.. there are so many ideas for fun and cute mermaid names!

Play with your Mermaid Craft

Kids can use these cardboard tube mermaids for story time, and pretend play like little home made mermaid dolls.

playing with cardboard mermaids

Or, you can even use this craft for a hair dressing activity as a fun way to practice scissor skills.

Once the tissue paper tube mermaids are finished, let the kids loose on their hair with some child safe scissors. Kids can snip the wool to give their mermaids a hair cut, as a fun way to express some more of their creativity and style.

This idea was so much fun for my little girl, and a great way to strength up those fine motor skills.

toilet paper tube mermaids wool hair for cutting game

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Printable Instructions

If you would like to print out a shortened version of the instructions use the create card below

Toilet Paper Roll Mermaid
Yield: 2

Toilet Paper Roll Mermaid

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Make these easy toilet paper roll mermaid crafts with the kids


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Green / Blue tissue paper
  • Blue / Green / Pink wool
  • Shell stickers


  • Glue stick
  • Markers


  1. Glue the tissue paper to the lower half of the toilet paper roll to make the mermaid tail
  2. Twist to create a tail shape
  3. Add two shell stickers for the mermaid's top
  4. Draw a face with the markers
  5. Glue on colored wool for the mermaid's hair


Full step by step at intheplayroom.co.uk

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How to make toilet paper tube mermaids, this fun mermaid craft for kids is so easy to do and fun to play with

Happy crafting!

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  1. This toilet paper tube mermaid craft is such a creative and engaging activity for kids! I love how it allows them to practice their fine motor skills while having fun. The step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow along. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea!


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