Squishy Ocean Sensory Bag

We love all types of sensory play, but sensory bags can be one of the most relaxing. We’ve made many different types over the past few years, but our new squishy ocean sensory bag has is one of our favourites. Z made this sensory bag himself, with a little guidance from me, and we have attached it to his window to make an easy to access fun sensory activity for him in his room.

Ocean sensory window made using a squishy gel sensory bag. It's so relaxing!

To make this ocean sensory bag we used:

  • Large clear zip lock bag
  • Duct tape
  • Hair gel
  • Liquid water colours in blue
  • Loose glitter (we chose green)
  • Wooden ocean shapes
  • Black felt tip / marker pen

How to make an ocean sensory bag

First, we added the hair gel to the ziplock bag. You need enough to fully coat the inside of the bag, but it does not take as much as you might think, since once you start squishing the gel it will spread. Add some, then carefully squish and see whether you need more.

IMG_6595Next, add your liquid water colour. You can also use food colouring if you don’t have liquid water colours available. We chose blue for the sea. You can add a couple of different shades and let them mix in the bag, or stick to just one.

Just drop in a few generous drops, and then squish it all around again. Add more if needed.

Ocean sensory window made using a squishy gel sensory bag. It's so relaxing!Once you have enough of both the gel and the colour, tip in some glitter and then squish and mix it again. Z chose green to make turquoise when combined with the blue gel, and to symbolise the plants at the bottom of the ocean.

Turquoise Ocean sensory window made using a squishy gel sensory bag. It's so relaxing!Next, we took our wooden shapes and added a couple of smiley face decorations in black felt tip to add personality.

IMG_6613Make sure that any shapes that you add do not have sharp edges because you don’t want to split the bag!

wooden ocean shapes to make a sensory bagAdd these inside your sensory bag, and you’re ready to tape it all up ready to use.

We added a layer of duck tape around all of the edges to prevent leaking. At a minimum, you need to add tape to the top of the bag where the opening is.

If you get any small rips or tear in the main part of the bag over time, clear tape will work well to seal that without obscuring the colours. We also used clear tape to attach to the window, which you can see here because of the camera flash but in person you don’t notice too much. I have used clear tape to attach various things to windows and it never damaged my windows so far, and comes off with ease when it’s time to remove that decoration. If you have brand new windows or are unsure then you may want to look into an alternative – everyone’s windows may be slightly different!

Ocean sensory window made using a squishy gel sensory bag. It's so relaxing!Squishing the gel around under your hands is really relaxing and is a great non messy tactile sensory experience. We like to push all of the gel together into the centre and then squish is back out.

Since it’s on a vertical surface, after a couple of days the gel will move further towards the bottom, but this takes time and doesn’t keep happening during play since the gel is pretty thick.

Ocean sensory window made using a squishy gel sensory bag. It's so relaxing!


Using liquid water colours really made the colours pretty. This is the brand that we use: UK / US

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