3 Ways to Creatively Use Photo Prints at Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

First birthday parties are special occasions that you want to make sure will go off without a hitch. While your child may not remember a great deal about their first birthday, you, your friends, and family members will remember it fondly.

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that to make their child’s first birthday party one to remember, they need to spend lots of money. But by adding some personal touches, such as your own photo prints, you can make their first birthday the most memorable and create memories that will last for years to come. So here are our 3 top tips on how you can get creative and use photo prints to make your child’s first birthday party one to remember! 

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How to Be Your Best Self for Your Child

Becoming a mom puts you under a lot of pressure and stress. Just because you love being a mom doesn’t mean that it is going to be a walk in the park. There are going to be bad days, good days, and all sorts of different colors in between. There are going to be times when you think you may never catch your breath, and there are going to be days that seem like nothing is going on at all. Because there are so many ups and downs to parenting, it helps to constantly place yourself in the center of the wheel. That’s the best way to put it. Imagine life is a wheel. No matter how many bumps the wheel hits in the road, if you are in the center you will remain unaffected. Although it’s not going to be easy, here are some ways you can remain centered and consistently bring your best self to your child everyday. 

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How to Stay Safe When Meeting Grandparents Post-COVID

It is such a relief to see life finally returning to some kind of normality after a year and a half, on and off, of restrictions and worry due to the Pandemic. Staying away from our loved ones has been very challenging and it is a beautiful thing to see everyone able to reunite once again, across the generations.

This virus has taken away so many of the opportunities for connection, which we all used to take for granted. Now as we come out of the worst of it, it is time to start taking back these special moments – as safely as possible. 

grandfather and child

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Back to School With Start-Rite Shoes

It is almost time to send our children back to school, but before that time arrives there are so many things for parents to tick off the list to make sure that everyone is organised, smart and presentable ready to learn. 

One of the most important back to school priorities for me is to make sure that the children have good quality well fitting school shoes. They will be wearing these shoes all day long, walking to and from school and running around in the playground, so the shoes need to be as comfortable and practical as possible. 

Start-Rite shoes are a brand that I can always rely on for good quality and well fitting shoes so this summer holidays I made a fitting appointment at Start-Rite in Fenwicks Brent Cross to get my younger two children, N and R measured and fitted ready for back to school time. 

start-rite school shoes

Start-Rite School shoes range

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What To Do If Your Child Is Scared Of Santa

Christmas should be an exciting and magical time for young children. As adults, even we can get wrapped up in all the excitement. However, for some children, all the lights, changes to routine, and magic can be overwhelming. On top of this, they find out that a complete stranger is going to break into their house on Christmas Eve by coming down the chimney. Even worse, this complete stranger has been watching them and judging their behaviour all year. Sounds pretty scary when it’s put like that, doesn’t it? So, for some children, Santaphobia is a real thing.

Dreams Beds have put together some advice on how to deal with Santaphobia. Here’s a basic overview of what they say:

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Stress Busting Quick Fixes 

Guest post from Deborah Ann Davis, award-winning author, parenting skills coach, and former high school educator of 20+ years
How would you like to be one of those Moms who has a handle on your stress? Here’s easy ways to get yourself there:
Restructure your neural pathways to more readily produced “happy hormones” to replace the stress hormones that accompany anxiety throughout the day. Easy-peasy, right? Okay, we’ll call it Quick Fixes, and I’m going to share half a dozen techniques to get you started.
Bonus: Every single one of these Quick Fixes comes with its own smidgen of empowerment because you prioritized a tiny “Me-Moment” for yourself.

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How to Help Your Child with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy affects a person’s movements and coordination, and often symptoms of the condition begin to show in childhood. If you are caring for a child with cerebral palsy this can be difficult at times, and you might be concerned over whether you’re doing everything you can to help them. Below are some tips and advice on how you can help your child with cerebral palsy and make sure they’re living a happy and healthy life.

What kind of support is available?

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How to Safely DIY Upgrade Your Home When You Have Small Kids

There are many DIY projects that you can do at home without that much experience. You don’t even need to pay that arm and leg to buy all the equipment, because you can rent it out instead! With these two facts in mind, there are so many great projects you can take on to spruce up your home and make it into a custom, beautiful space for your whole family. So long as it doesn’t deal with anything structural, electrical, or to do with the plumbing, you are generally set to try it out for yourself. 

The only thing you do need to think about, really, is the safety of yourself and your family. This is easy when it’s just you or your partner, but it can be hard to keep them safe if you have little kids. They wander in, they touch things they shouldn’t, and in general, there are a lot of dangerous items around the home that pose a risk. A risk, that is, unless you use this guide to keep them safe: 

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5 Tips for Soon-to-Be Mothers

If you’re expecting, you’re probably wondering how you can best prepare for your baby. This might not be your first rodeo, but every pregnancy and child is unique and special. You might feel like you’re in the trenches alone, even if your partner is caring and doting. If you’re seriously feeling the impulse to nest, the go with it, Mama Bird. You know what you need best, and the rest, you can fill in the blank with your mother’s intuition. If you need a little guidance on what to focus on next, here are a few hints for soon-to-be mothers.

Pamper yourself when you can.

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