Ocean Animals Sensory Bin

Schleich animal figures are so versatile, and are great quality. We have a few different types, and when we were sent a selection of their ocean animals, I knew that they would be perfect for a simple ocean themed sensory bin. R (4) loved playing with these animal figures, naming each one (thanks to many trips to the aquarium!) and making up stories and games with each of the ocean creatures.

Ocean animals sensory bin. Super easy idea, fun way to learn about ocean animals

For our ocean sensory bin, we used:

Schleich ocean set which includes ocean animals of the great barrier reef – sea turtles, manta rays, seahorses, and sharks.

schleich ocean animals

Plus some additional ocean animals:

Blue Whale

Killer whale


Blue shark

schleich ocean animals
We added these to a large tub with water and some ocean coloured water beads. I had wanted pure blue, but we had run out of that colour so ours are a little more purple than I intended – still a lot of fun though!
You could make an even simpler set up with these animals, just adding them to a tub with plain water.
schleich ocean animals sensory play
All of the Schleich figures are so detailed and realistic, which I like since it helps kids to more easily tie in the toys with the real animals they would have seen at aquariums and zoos. Each Schleich figure is hand painted, so lots of effort has gone into each one. They are definitely better quality than the cheaper plastic animal figures you can buy in some shops. Although they are more expensive when buying several animals, I do find they always last much longer, are noticeably better in quality, and always have more detail.
R’s favourite from the ocean set is the sea turtle. I think mine has to be the sea horse with it’s vibrant colours.
schleich ocean animals sea turtle
There’s plenty you can do with these figures on “dry land” too. Here we ordered them all by size, and you could also sort them into groups by size, colour, species, or meat eater or vegetarian depending how much your kids know about the creatures.
schleich ocean animals ordered by size
Using these figures is an easy way to learn as you talk together about the different animals while they play.
I was pleased to see how much knowledge the boys had retained about whales, sharks, dolphins and the other ocean creatures and these toys offer a chance to refresh that knowledge and put it to use in a hands on way as they play.
schleich ocean animals sensory bin with water beads

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We were sent the Schleich figures for review. Affiliate links are included. 

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