Rainbow Heart Perler Bead Patterns (Free Printable)

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These Rainbow Heart Perler Bead Patterns are one of my all time favorite freebies that we have to share, and I know that they’ll be a huge hit with you.

The free downloadable Perler beads patterns template contains 10 different patterns designed to help kids put together some gorgeous beaded hearts as they strengthen their fine motor skills and learn about the rainbow colors of the spectrum.

Making and giving perler bead creations is a childhood classic. These are a fun way to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and any occasion you want to make special! You can easily customize these for any occasion by using the heart shapes as a guide and picking different colors.

The rainbow heart perler bead pattern is a free printable, designed to make it easier to create your own rainbow-themed perler beads.

Download the Rainbow heart template file at the end of this post.

How to Make Rainbow Perler Bead Hearts

You will need

  • Printed template
  • Clear perler bead peg board
  • Colored perler beads
  • Perler bead ironing paper, or parchment paper
  • An iron

Buy Supplies

Stock up on your Perler bead supplies at Amazon (affiliate links)

Clear Perler Bead Peg Boards

Multicolored perler beads. You can buy from any brand, I would recommend good quality brands like Hama Beads or Perler Beads are great!

If you buy cheap non branded plastic beads, they may not melt consistently and you don’t know what you’re going to get. You may get lucky, but you also might not!


Use the printed fused bead template under your perler bead peg board, and fill in the beads of each color in the spaces shown.

Once complete, use parchment paper or perler bead ironing paper as a barrier between the iron and the perler beads, and iron to seal your design.

Use a dry iron with no water inside, and on a medium setting not a high heat.

The iron will melt the beads fusing them together. Take care while ironing so that you don’t knock the beads out of place. Obviously, irons are hot so for young children an adult should do this step!

Allow the design to cool down before removing the fused beads from your peg board.

For a more detailed guide on how to iron perler beads, you can check out our post with a full step by step, and trouble shooting.


Here’s a couple of examples of how your finished Perler Bead rainbow hearts should look like. Super cute, right? The template patterns give you options for both larger, or smaller perler bead hearts.

These make a super easy and cute homemade handmade gift that kids can make and give to friends and family. These beaded gifts are great for older kids or tweens to make independently and younger kids can make them with help, so this activity works for kids of all ages.

Download PDF Template

It’s easy to make rainbow heart perler bead patterns using this tutorial and free template. So print them out, get making and create a beautiful memory with the kids. Enjoy!

Click the download button below, for your free instant digital download of the Perler bead pattern templates in PDF format.

Print the file at 100% size if you want to use this printable as a true to size guide when making your Perler bead rainbow hearts.

Terms of use: This printable template is free to use for personal use or classroom use. Do not redistribute the PDF file, direct people to this blog post to download.

What fused bead project would you like to make next?!

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Of course, we also have tonnes of free printables of all types so don’t forget to check those out for ideas to keep your kids entertained.


We hope you enjoyed these free perler bead patterns templates. Please go ahead and share this blog post with friends and family so that everyone can enjoy this activity.

rainbow heart perler bead patterns free printable templates
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