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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so if you’re looking for some super sweet free printable valentine ideas for the kids, we have got you covered.

Pop it toys have been trending for the past few years and kids of all ages just can’t get enough of these colorful fidget toys, so what better theme for their Valentines Day cards?

Your little ones will love these free printable pop it valentines to give out to their friends. You could even give out little pop its along with the card, to make it even more special. 

free printable pop it valentine cards for kids

It’s time to let your friends and loved ones know that they make your heart pop – with these free printable Pop It Valentine cards in 7 different designs.

Free Printable Pop It Valentine Cards (Pink)

Pink is one of the most popular colors for Valentine’s Day. So we have four different sweet pink designs of the free printable Pop it cards.

Unicorn Pop-It Card For Valentines Day

Unicorn are just as popular as Pop-Its, and this craze doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon so combine them both for this adorable valentine card that’s perfect to give to friends.

free printable unicorn pop it valentine card for kids "you make my heart pop"

Pink Heart Pop-It Card For Valentines Day

We also have two versions of the pink heart pop it Valentine. One with happy Valentines Day and one with You Make My Heart Pop.

Of course pop is written in a super cute and fun font that looks just like a pop it too!

happy valentines day card with a heart pop it

These printable Valentine cards are designed to be folded in half and come with the design on one side to make the front of the Valentine’s greeting card, and bright candy pink on the back.

you make my heart pop valentine, free printable card

Pink Rainbow and Clouds Pop-It Card For Valentines Day

For something different with a calm peaceful vibe, go for this rainbow and cloud pop it design.

happy valentines day pop it card free printable

They all look so good, the kids will want to just reach out and pop them!

Free Printable Pop It Valentine Cards (Rainbow)

If your kiddos prefer to go for more of a multi color rainbow vibe, don’t worry – our designs are not all pink!

These rainbow pop it designs may go down better with little boys (of course, some boys love pink, too!)

We even have a Pop it Among Us character design that you can choose – totally sus!

you make my heart pop free printable among us valentines day pop it card

If you prefer to keep it classic, you can go for a Valentines themed heart shape in the rainbow colors along with the greeting of your choice, Happy Valentines Day or You make my heart pop, along with a heart shape pop it toy.

you make my heart pop free printable pop it valentines card

All of these choices are available to download in PDF format just below.

happy valentines day pop it card

Download PDF Printable

Click below to download all versions of this fun Free Printable Pop It Valentine Cards idea in one PDF file.

This includes both the pink and the rainbow designs, and if you only want to use certain designs for your Valentine’s Day card, just select the page numbers you want to print within your printer settings before printing them out.

This file is a free instant digital download. Terms of use: Free for personal use and free for classroom use.

Why Use Pop Its?

Pop-Its are a really popular fidget toy, which are great for meeting sensory needs and helping kids of all ages to keep their hands busy.

A sensory fidget toy like a pop it can be used to play with and stimulate your senses. Sometimes this type of tactile input can help children to sit and focus, or help them to relax and calm down.

heart shaped pop its

Because pop its come in so many different colors, shapes, size and designs they are also a lot of fun to collect and even trade with your friends.

Buy Pop Its

Want to buy some pop its to hand out along with these free printable Valentine cards? Here are just a few available on Amazon (affiliate links)

You can buy packs with multiple pop its in small sizes, which re designed to be used for sharing as party favors like in party bags but these also work great to be handed out as Valentines to all the class mates.

mini pop its for valentine class gift
Buy on Amazon here

Use our valentine free printables at a smaller size to create gift tags to attach to these little pop it key chains and hand them out to the whole class.

Or go for some bigger full sized pop its with all kinds of cool designs and themes, like these with popsicles, cakes, shooting stars and beautiful rainbow pastel colors.

cool shape pop its fidget toy
Buy these pop its on Amazon here

I love the shooting star one – so cute!

Whether you’re looking for class valentine ideas, or a meaningful and sweet Valentine card for a close friend or loved one, we hope you enjoyed this free pop valentines printable pack and that you have a great Valentines day filled with love.

More Fun Valentines Ideas For Kids

You and the kids are going to love all these fun free printable Valentines ideas we have to share here on In The Playroom.

Here are just a few of our favorite Valentine printables and activity ideas!


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Free Printable Pop It Valentines Card For Kids With 7 Different Designs

Happy Valentines Day!

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