DIY Rainbow Vision Glasses

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There is always something so fun about making and wearing funny glasses. We’ve made monster glasses before, and had fun decorating glasses in silly ways. This is always a hit in our house and is such a quick and easy craft idea.

Lately we decided to create our own rainbow vision glasses. This was another easy idea and it provides a fun way to explore colours.

How to make your own rainbow vision glasses

To make our DIY rainbow vision glasses we used foam craft glasses from Baker Ross. (Amazon link : UK / US)

These are pretty cheap and make the craft more long lasting and durable than if you use cardboard to make your own glasses. If you don’t have foam glasses to hand though, you can try with cardboard they just might not last as long.

If you need a glasses template, then you could try these free printable glasses templates from Picklebums which gives a few different fun styles to choose from.

In addition to the glasses, to make the DIY rainbow vision glasses you will need:

  • contact paper / sticky back plastic
  • coloured cellophane

(and the foam glasses / or printable template as discussed above)


How to make DIY rainbow vision glasses

  • Cut two circles of contact paper / sticky back plastic to size for each eye
  • Stick these into each eye place, stick side facing outwards
  • Let the kids stick down multicoloured pieces of cellophane onto the sticky surface in each eye place

They can explore colour mixing by placing different colours over each other, and use their creativity to create fun and colourful designs.

If you have excess cellophane on the eye panel after they have finished, then trim and push the edges back under the rim of the glasses.

It’s a very similar technique to making this cellophane paper plate suncatcher just in a smaller space.

Once the glasses are finished, kids can have fun wearing them and running around seeing things in different colours

DIY rainbow vision glasses

ta daa!!

If you hold them up to the light you can see all the pretty colours better – just to show some of the designs we went for. You can do a real mix of colours, or stick to more of a solid colour per eye whatever you prefer.

multicoloured rainbow vision glasses
DIY rainbow vision glasses for kids

Have fun!

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How to make diy rainbow vision glasses

Why not add these Rainbow vision glasses to your superhero or spy kit along with:

Or use your left over contact paper to make:

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