Types of beads used for making jewelry

Do you realize that beads have been found in graves of men who passed away quite a while ago – many, many years ago! There are tons of random discoveries as well: Analysts have found three glass beads from a Fifth Century restoration site in Japan. In Africa, glass bead jewelry has been discovered which goes back to 300 BC. Seems like beads have been in fashion for quite some time!

Indeed, even today there are many modern uses of beads, whether they are made in a factory or made at home. Bead designs are done on bags, coats, tops, pins, pendants, satchels belts, caps and even shoes – you name a garment/accessory and you will discover beads adorning it, making it look special.

It is not just the best couture designers who are entranced by beads. Regular men and women like you and me have been striving to make their own sleek designs, which is generally called DIY. The DIY bead community is in full force in 2017, with tons of really cools DIY jewelry bead options. We found a really cool resource here for DIY beads.

Beads come in various types, sizes and materials. They are made of wood, shell, plastic, pottery, metal and even bone. Checkout the distinctive sorts of beads we famously utilize for bead jewelry.

Seed Beads

These are little round molded beads which are made of glass. They arrive in a wide assortment of colors. They are consistently utilized for making gems and furthermore for needle work.

Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski crystal beads are the finest cut (precision cut) crystal beads you can get for beads work. They were initially made in Austria and are prestigious for their brightness and quality. They arrive in an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors (more than 50 colors and 15 effects); they can be made into fine jewelry and in addition sewn into fabric as embellishment.

Bugle Beads

These are long beads which are molded like a tube. They are either smooth or with 6 sides. The sizes of bugle beads extend from 2mm to 40mm.

Roundel beads

Roundel beads are flat doughnut formed beads typically utilized as a spacer bead. Glass Roundel (additionally called roundelle) generally accompany many faces yet some are available smooth as well.

Bali Beads

Bali beads are high quality, sterling silver made initially in Bali, Indonesia. They are regularly utilized as spacers when making jewelry. These beads are complicatedly worked in silver and are delightful.

Drop Beads

Drop beads are formed like a pear or raindrop; they have an opening through the bead or now and again at the tight end of the bead.

Faceted Beads

They are faceted on all sides, and because of this catch light on all sides which makes it radiant. Hex beads are faceted seed beads with 6 faces.

Lamp work Beads

Lamp work beads are carefully assembled glass beads which are perfectly lovely. They are made by liquefying glass with a light. The way toward making the lamp work beads is exceptionally laborious; diverse shades of glass are dissolved together to shape the patterns visible on the surface of the beads.

Pony Beads

Pony beads are economical substantial beads mostly made of plastic. They are, by and large, utilized as a part of craft ventures and for children to make adornments. These beads are accessible as a single color or in a mixed set.

Acrylic fancy beads

These are plastic beads accessible in many shapes and colors – round, flat, oval, and tube. They are lightweight. These beads additionally come electroplated metallic silver, copper or gunmetal colors.

Cultured pearls

These are fine quality pearls collected from cultivated mussles. Refined pearls might be bred freshwater or saltwater; the term covers all pearls available today like Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, and freshwater pearls. Pearls refined in saltwater are more esteemed than freshwater pearls. In any case, freshwater pearls are respectably evaluated and subsequently much sought after.

Costume pearls

Otherwise called artificial pearls or plastic pearls or imitation. They can be made of glass, plastic or fish-scales which are covered with a material which makes them look like pearls. They do not have the depth of color and magnificence of unique pearl. These pearls are economical, lightweight and thus utilized as a part of beading on fabric.


Sequins are accessible in any number of shapes, sizes and colors. They are for the most part round in shape with a bowl like center with a gap. Some are flat. Paillets are enormous sequins which have holes close to the edge as opposed to the middle. These sequins are utilized to decorate fabric edges; they are every now and again utilized as a part of dance costumes.


These are flat back crystal beads with gaps, through which you can sew to join them to fabric. There are rhinestones which can be stuck onto fabric too. They have numerous aspects and the light reflected on them makes them look like precious stones.

For more bead-related arts and crafts, check out this awesome pipe cleaner bead decoration article for some more bead inspiration.

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