3D Rainbow Craft For St. Patrick’s Day

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This simple 3D Rainbow Craft is perfect for a St Patrick’s Day theme, but would work all year round too – Rainbows are always a hit with kids, and will be a fun craft if your children are working on learning their colours.

3d rainbow craft


To make this Rainbow craft you will need:

  • Various colors of construction paper
  • Glue (either a glue stick or white school glue / pva glue)
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls
  • Black craft foam
  • Glitter glue

3d rainbow process 1


Cut each colour of the construction paper into long 1 inch strips.

Use the colors of the rainbow:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple, technically indigo and violet, but we didn’t have those. There are lots of fun rainbow songs to sing with little ones to help them learn and remember the colours of the rainbow as you make this craft too.

Put glue on each end of the paper strips, one by one.

Glue each of the strips to the white paper, slightly pushing the strip up in the middle to raise it off of the paper, like you can see in the picture below:

3d rainbow process 2
Do this for each color until your rainbow is complete

3d rainbow process 3

Once the colours are all stuck down in order, glue cotton balls to each side of the rainbow.

Finally, cut a pot shape from the black craft foam, add glitter glue for some gold coins!

3d rainbow final horiz

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