Valentines Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

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If you’re looking for an easy Valentines craft for kids to make, why not try this simple thumbprint heart bookmark. Kids can give it as a Valentines gift to their loved ones, who will then think of them every time they read a book!

Valentines Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

Materials Needed

Red and White Card Stock
Pipe Cleaner
Pink or Red Craft Paint

Valentines Thumbprint Heart Bookmark materials


Cut a rectangle about 6-8 inches long and 3 inches wide from the red card stock.

Valentines Thumbprint Heart Bookmark materials

Glue this white piece on top of the red piece as shown in the photo.

making Valentines Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

Punch a whole in the top of the bookmark and thread the pipe cleaner through. Twist it to attach.

To create the thumbprint hearts:

Cover thumb with paint

Press down on the white paper with the tip of the thumb angled out to the left. Repeat, but angle the tip
of the thumb out to the right with the bottom of the thumb slightly overlapping the first thumbprint.

making thumb print hearts

Continue this to make a row of thumbprint hearts down the bookmark. Allow to dry.

making thumb print heart book mark

Decorate as desired, gift to your Valentine with their favorite book!

Valentines Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

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