Rainbow Fine Motor Busy Bag

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Busy Bags are wonderful creations that you can grab at a moment’s notice to occupy your little one. They may be used whilst on the go, whilst waiting at the doctors or simply when you need your child to play independently. Our Rainbow Fine Motor Busy Bag will not only entertain a child but help develop their fine motor skills at the same time. What’s more the busy bag is cheap to create.

Rainbow fine motor busy bag, an easy and fun way for toddlers to learn colours, practice colour matching and work on their fine motor skills

I picked a clear plastic storage box which had 11 compartments and two clips to secure the lid shut from PoundLand. It is an ideal size to fit in your bag if you need to take it out and about. I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet permanent marker pens to colour in the compartments on the top row.

Making a rainbow busy bag

Next I needed two cylinders that would fit in the middle two compartments. I searched around the house but objects were either too big or I couldn’t close the lid on them. Finally in our local supermarket I found Sour Candy Spray bottles which were the perfect size. I wrapped them in red and yellow electrical tape.Creating a cylinder for a busy bag

Finally I purchased a bag of rainbow coloured small fabric hair bobbles from PoundLand. I placed the appropriate coloured hair bobbles in each compartment. Our Rainbow Fine Motor Bus Bag was complete.

Rainbow hair bobble busy bag

At first I let my son practise the fine motor skills needed in order to place the fabric hair bobble onto the cylinder. It took some practise but after a while he managed the activity independently.

Fine motor rainbow activity

My son then set about creating his own rainbows. First he made a rainbow by taking a hair bobble of each colour in turn and placing it onto the red cylinder Ways to play with hair bobbles

Next he used three hair bobbles from each colour and placed them on the yellow cylinder. This made a continuous rainbow.

Rainbow fine motor play

The fun didn’t end once my son had finished making rainbows. Removing the colourful hair bobbles and sorting them back into the correct coloured compartment became and activity in itself. Once all the pieces are in the box simply pop the lid on and your Rainbow Fine Motor Busy Bag is ready to be played with again in the future.

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