Playdough Recipes

Playdough is one of our favourite materials for sensory play. It is a great way for kids to explore their sense of touch, use their creativity to build, and to strengthen fine motor skills ready for writing. Making playdough can be a lot of fun too, there are so many different varieties to try out.

Here are some of the simple playdough recipes we have enjoyed using. I’ll be adding more to this page over time, so you may want to bookmark or pin the page so that you can check back.

I’m including all types of sensory dough recipes in this page, along with traditional playdough.

Simple Playdough Recipes

Collection of simple playdough recipes

Playdough Activities

fun playdough activities to do using any simple playdough recipe

Playdough is just one of many sensory play activities we love to do at home. For more ideas, take a look at our sensory play page.

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