Flour & Oil Easy No Cook Playdough Recipe

This month I’m joining in with the Sensory Bin Challenge at Little Bins for Little Hands and we have been exploring flour & oil. Normally flour and oil would make moon dough or cloud dough but by playing around with the quantities and adding a bit more liquid to colour the dough, we made ours into more of a playdough consistency. This is a really easy no cook playdough recipe which only took a few minutes to prepare.

easy no cook playdough recipe with just flour and babyoil

You will only need two ingredients. Adding colour is optional (but does make the dough more fun!)

  • Flour
  • Baby oil

Any oil would work, but baby oil smells nice adding an extra sensory element to the play, and it gives a nice soft playdough. If your child tends to eat the playdough, you will be better off with any edible oil. The baby oil I used is a spray oil, so to mix the dough I just unscrewed the top to pour it in more easily! It worked fine.

To add colour we used water colour paint from a tube mixed with water, to make a diluted paste. This is the brand of paint we used. (affiliate)

ingredients for sensory dough How to make the easy no cook play dough with flour & oil

We started off with quantity of 8:1 flour:oil as you would do for moon dough, then gradually added more baby oil until it became more of a dough like consistency. Just knead and mix with your hands until the dough starts to form.

how to make sensory dough with flour and oil

From this, to this at the half way stage..

making playdough with flour and babyoilAdding the paint liquid to colour the dough also helped to bind it together into a firmer playdough

doughcolourWhile colouring the dough and mixing this into the dough mixture, you will get some coloration onto your hands. By the time the dough is ready and the children are playing, the colour will be set into the dough and no longer colours hands when playing.

We just made one batch of yellow dough, but you could easily split it and make a few different colours to add variety or to let the kids practise colour mixing with the doughs.

Once the dough comes together into one soft round ball, then you are ready to play! Mr R had lots of fun with this and soon Mr T and Mr Z came to join in too!

playing with playdoughI added lots of accessories to the table along with the dough and let Mr R lead the play however he liked.

invitation to play with playdough and craft bitsThis dough will last well in an air tight container for at least a week – maybe longer, we will have to see!

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  1. When I ran a nursery, the recipe we used included a lot of salt to preserve it for longer, Do you still need that with your recipe!

  2. This sounds like fun, I love that it is no cook !

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


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