Playdough Wind Up Racing Monsters

Making playdough wind up racing monsters is a simple playdough game that was a lot of fun for my boys. They love racing with wind up toys, and they love creating with playdough so this combination was a natural fit for their interests.

making wind-up racing monsters from playdough

For this playdough racing monsters activity you will need: (affiliate links included)

We repurposed this robo modelling kit which is handy if you don’t have spare wind up toys available to use. The kit comes with air drying clay, so if you want the monsters to be able to be mixed and matched throughout play then just put that aside and use regular playdough.

IMG_7968It’s fun to design the monsters and then race them to see who will be the fastest.

IMG_7993You can set up a starting line using playdough, and make observations about the monsters.

Will the bigger heavier monster with more playdough be able to move faster or slower?

What happens when you make the monster top heavy, or bottom heavy?

IMG_7985-2You can also combine this with stop watch play to add a little more excitement to the racing.

The boys made all kind of fun designs, like a ghost monster

IMG_8008Or a monster with wings

IMG_7959You can make them however you like!

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Making playdough wind up monsters

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