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We love sensory play. For an overview of why these type of activities are so beneficial for children of all ages you can find out more in my introduction to sensory play along with general ideas of materials that could be used.

Here are some of the sensory play activities we’ve shared here on In The Playroom, to explore texture, sound, scent and more. Check back to this post (or pin it for easy access!) as I’ll be adding lots more sensory activities here as we write them up.

The ultimate resource for sensory play on In The Playroom - Sensory bins, sensory doughs, sensory paint activities, sensory bottles, and moreTactile sensory play bins

Links marked with a * are round ups which also include ideas from other bloggers.

messy sensory play with Gellibaff - a fun new texture rice img_5910 finemotoreaster3 farmsensorypin tactilesensory fixedsensorypin dinoclouddough dinowaterbeadp recipessensoryplay fakesnow2 sensoryplay100 sensorytub1 clouddoughwords wintersensory batmansensory Sandboxsquare glowingsolarsystem dyedscentrice earthdaysensory SPRINGSENSORY packingpeanutconstruction rainbowsensorypin dinopin

Sensory play with paint

IMG_7656 mirrorpaintingpin2glitterstones chinesecoinprinting IMG_3069 COLOURmixwithtext Pin Paint Date Peakle Pietext2 sandpaper_watercolor_sq_3 bubblepaintingpin bubblewrapprintpainting valentinesmirrorpin

Sensory play with doughs

playdoughrecipe2 moondough9 moondoughcollage 10sensorydoughs shapedrotitext doughrecipepin arabicplasthand dinofootpr playdoughandclouddou clouddoughpin sensorybag choccloudpin IMG_1230 winterfestiveplaydoughpin playdough10ways glittersnowdoughpin FIZZYVOLCANO SALTDOUGHhandprint plasticinemodelling STARWARSmoondoughpin crazsand CLEANMUDPIN electrodough shimmerplaydoughpin bakingroleplaypin Inspiring-Creativity-with-Dinosaurs kineticsandracetrackpin fruityscentedplaydough


Sensory bottles

glittersensory shaker2 waterbeadsensoryf IMG_2821 IMG_2773  loombandsensorypin rainbowshakerpin

Sensory Bags

IMG_1174 playdoughsensorybag sparklygelsensorybag sensorywindow

Water Play

crazysoap2 blowingbubbles 3boys2 glittersandpinnemo10 bathgames fishwaterbeads

Sensory play areas

decemberden siblings3 denbuilding cropped KIDS PODS Galactic Attic Reading Sensory Space

Light Table


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Ultimate activity list for sensory play

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