Colour Matching with Moon Dough

Moon Dough is one of our favourite substances for some simple sensory play. The texture is so soft and the way the dough behaves is pretty different to play dough so it adds some nice variety. Because it can make a lot of mess when it crumbles up, I feel more relaxed when giving it to the kids in the garden rather than in doors. With the sunny weather lately, we’ve had so many chances to get busy with the messy activities out doors.

Invitation to play with coloured moon dough - exploring colour matching, colour mixing and more

I set out some balls of differently coloured moon dough for Mr R along with a variety of sequins, feathers, beads and crafty bits and pieces and let him explore however he wanted. He decided to organise them by colour and set about colour matching the feathers and beads into the closest colour of moon dough.

moondough colour matching

He is enjoying learning about colours at the moment, and because our doughs were in a variety of colours not just the basic primary colours he had to think about where to put some of the items e.g blue can go with purple, red can go with orange. We also had different shades of the same colours and lots of different textures.

moondough colour matching with different textures and shades

This activity kept him occupied for quite a while, which is great for an activity that’s so simple and easy to set up.

coloured moon dough

Mr R moved on to making cakes out of his moon dough, rolling his own little balls and placing them into the cake cases, then decorating them with the small loose parts that had been provided.

moondough imaginary play - making cakes

Of course his perfectly colour matched balls could not last forever. Squishing moon dough is just too tempting!

green moon dough

He loved to feel it crumble up in his hands and then squash it back together. I have to admit, I love this too! Moon dough is a really relaxing texture to play with.

mixing moondough

Then he started mixing a few

toddler play with moondough


colour exploration with moon dough

When Mr Z & Mr T got home from school they mixed all the colours completely, then kept themselves busy with making “food” out of the moon dough. Their play leans more towards the mathematical topics like counting and sorting the “burgers” that they made. We also had fun hiding stones and rocks in the moon dough to feel the differences by weight.

moondough play for school aged children

We use (Affiliate) ready made moon dough but you can also make your own if you prefer. The coloured dough you see here in the post is from the moon dough super value pack, and the colours are really nice and bright. If you are making your own, then Happy Hooligans have a tutorial on How to Colour Cloud Dough which seems to be pretty much the same thing as moon dough!

Ready made Moon Dough is available very cheaply from Amazon or The Entertainer (maybe elsewhere too but these are the places I buy ours!)

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  1. Moon dough sounds amazing. I have never heard of it before but we do like a good play with playdoh in our house. Other mommy doesn’t like cleaning it up too much. lol This is great though and looks like the kids had a fabulous time. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
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  2. We haven’t played with moon dough for ages but it is something my son has always loved. Will have to get some and try this out with my daughter! Thanks for sharing with #Playtime


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