Easy 2 Ingredient Fruity Scented Playdough

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We’re joining in with 12 months of sensory dough again this month, and this time everyone is making scented doughs. We had a lot of fun making this easy fruity scented playdough with only 2 ingredients, and you can adapt the recipe to make as many different flavours and scents as you like. Easy is always a definite plus for me, and I was really happy with how quick and simple this variety of playdough was to make.

easy to make fruity scented playdough with only 2 ingredients, great for sensory play

Fruity Scented Playdough Recipe

This recipe requires only 2 ingredients and is a variation of the famous super soft playdough recipe made with conditioner and corn flour / corn starch.

2 ingredient conditioner and cornflour playdough (cornstarch in usa)

Since you can buy so many different types of conditioner with different scents and flavours this type of playdough was the obvious choice for me, to make a few different scented varieties in a short amount of time. It’s a totally fail proof and no cook playdough.

The basic ratio is a 2:1 cornflour / cornstarch to conditioner, but adjust as needed. I don’t really tend to measure, I just do it by the eye and if it’s too sticky add a little more cornflour and if it’s too crumbly add an extra dash of conditioner.

If anyone is confused by cornflour and cornstarch, I think these are pretty much the same thing by different names. Here in the UK we have cornflour and I have mostly heard it referred to in the US as corn starch.

From the package of cornflour you can see above I made all three varieties, and have enough left to make a 4th another time.


Add the cornflour first, then the conditioner and just mix it all around. I mixed with my hands so that I could feel when the consistency was just right. It only takes a couple of minutes per batch and should be fail proof as long as you adjust the ratio for stickiness / crumbliness as described above.

mixing conditioner and cornflour playdough no cook recipe

Scented Playdough Varieties

I used Alberto Balsam brand of conditioner, because these are very cheap but have strong and fruity scents, so this brand of conditioner is really ideal for this. Any fruit scented conditioner that you have available should work fine though. Each brand will be slightly different so adjust the amounts and consistency as required.

We made our scented playdough with these three varieties:

  • Juicy Green Apple (UK / US)
  • Sun Kissed Raspberry (UK / US)
  • Mandarin and Nectarine (UK / US)

(plus cornflour / cornstarch )

You may be able to buy these cheaper at your supermarket, but affiliate links are included for your convenience.

Once it’s ready, you will have three different soft scented sensory doughs to play with.

soft pastel coloured fruity playdough

You can add food colouring or liquid water colours to make the colours brighter, but we just stuck with the natural subtle shades from the conditioner. You can still see that each one has a different tone.

The boys loved smelling each one and guessing the different scents

scented sensory playdough

This playdough is also really soft and silky to touch and mould. I couldn’t resist joining in and playing with it myself!

soft no cook playdough

You can add cookie cutters or playdough cutters to cut out shapes, or any playdough tools you have to hand

playdough recipe with conditioner and cornflour

If you’re new to making playdough, or don’t have all the ingredients available for traditional cooked playdough, you should definitely give this type a try.

conditioner and cornflour fruity scented playdough

Once we had finished playing, we kept it in an air tight container for next time.

conditioner and cornflour playdough keep in an airtight container

Make sure that you’re following the 12 months of Sensory Dough Pinterest board to keep up to date with all of the sensory dough recipes this year. You can also see all the 12 months of Sensory Dough posts at Lemon Lime Adventures by clicking the picture below.

12 months of sensory dough

If you want to follow along with the prompts with your own kids, these are the doughs we will be making each month so that you can plan ahead.

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2 ingredient fruity scented playdough recipe
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