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I’m excited to be taking part in 12 months of Sensory Dough this year. I followed along last year as a reader and enjoyed seeing all the different varieties. This month for January, we will be focusing on snow dough.

The boys and I made our snow dough together. We experimented with a new recipe and had fun inventing the recipe as well as playing with our finished glittery snow dough.

How to make glitter snow dough a simple playdough recipe

For this snow dough, we decided to go with a glittery look since snow is kinda magical.. glitter is kinda magical.. so we felt like that all tied in together, plus the kids love their glitter!

To get in the mood for your sensory snow dough play, check out a few picture books about snow first and then get started!

The simplest way to make a glitter snow dough would be a cloud dough using 1:4 ratio of corn flour to oil, plus glitter (you can see one of our simple cloud dough recipes here)

I wondered whether we could substitute the corn flour for baby powder since they are a similar texture, but baby powder always reminds me of snow.

Baby powder:


Plus glitter:


Plus oil:


Mix (We did add a little extra corn flour too, to help with consistency)


Mixing together with the children gives a good chance to talk about textures and states of the materials – whether they are solid, liquid, crumbly, gooey etc.

We decided that we wanted our snow dough to be something a little more mouldable – more like a playdough consistency than a cloud dough, so we added some lotion and then a big squeeze of mousse (I would recommend it is probably better to use shaving foam than mousse, that occurred to me afterwards)

That immediately transformed our snowy cloud dough into a soft and mouldable playdough.

It’s easy to add a new ingredient to turn one dough into another. (You can see in this old post how we turned cloud dough into another easy no cook playdough)

Here’s the resulting soft glittery snow dough:

soft glittery snow doughThe boys played with it with cookie cutters, cake cases, a few sparkly embellishments and even more glitter.

glittery snow dough invitation to playThey loved cutting out shapes and then rolling them into even more glitter.

glittery snow dough starThis snow dough recipe shapes and moulds well just like playdough, and holds it shape.


After playing, we placed it into a zip lock bag and kept it in the fridge, but it will last a couple of days maximum – I guess because of the mousse or foam, the texture and consistency starts to get a little weird when you go back to it and it’s best played with freshly made. So don’t make a huge amount at one time – just whatever your kids need for that one play session.

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