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For this months sensory dough challenge, our theme was sparkle dough and since we have made a few sparkly doughs before I decided to do something a little different and make a shimmer playdough instead, with beautiful shimmery colours throughout rather than a glitter dough.

how to make shimmer playdough. This is one of the easiest ways to colour playdough

My inspiration for this shimmer dough came from a post over at Kids Activities blog where they used old make up to add sparkle for their super shiny playdough, and I had been meaning to give this a try for a while. It is so simple and effective, and a great way to save old and out of date make up from going straight in the bin. The Kids Activities blog method is slightly different so do click through and check out their way too – maybe you could make both!

To make your playdough shimmer you will need some pre-made playdough, either one you have cooked / made earlier or a shop bought playdough. We used plain white shop bought playdough. A neutral colour will be best so that you can use the make up to add colour.


To colour your playdough, first roll it out flat then using a spoon dig out the powder from one of your old eye shadow palettes.


Roll the playdough around in the dough and knead it together with the colour so that it all blends into the dough adding a sparkle throughout. Kids can do this themselves, or you colour the dough before giving it to them – depending on their age and interest.

As you’re adding the colour, dig out more powder and increase the amount as required, depending how deep you want the colour to be and how much shimmer you want. I think the brighter colours came out the best (blue and dark pink) but all the colours had a shimmer to them and the method worked great for all of them.

I made four different colours and then invited R to come and play with them.


He loves playdough and had a lot of fun with these new colours.


Inevitably, it did get mushed into one colour by the time he had finished with it. But that was still pretty – with a shimmery marbled effect.


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