I Can Make Numbers Playdough Mats (Free Printable)

Using tactile materials like playdough is a great way to reinforce concepts through hands on learning. Using these numbers playdough mats, kids can build their number recognition skills and get comfortable with the numbers 1-10 all in a playful way.

Hands on Learning

Learning through hands-on methods, engaging their hands and body works really well for many young children and can be more engaging for this age group.

Forming shapes out of playdough is great for fine motor skills and building muscle strength in little hands.

play dough for hands on learning

Children may be able to use these number playdough mats to get comfortable with the shapes of each number, before they are able to hold a pencil and form the numbers correctly on paper.

How to Use Playdough Mats

Print out the mats, and laminate or use plastic pockets (these Learning Resources brand ones are great – affiliate link) so that kid can use playdough on the mat without it sticking to the paper.

Of course you will also need play dough. You can make your own playdough, or stock up in store or online. My daughter loves this sparkle playdough.

Children can use the number mats as a guide to help form the numbers out of playdough.

While these number play dough mats offer the opportunity to get familiar with the numerals, and how each number looks like, you can also use the mats to help cement the concepts of each number.

Make the number out of play dough and then make the matching amount of playdough balls to place on each mat alongside the play dough numeral.

use numbers play dough mats to understand numbers and quantities through play.

Numbers 1-10 Playdough Mats for Preschoolers

We have 12 playdough mats in this free printable set (download at the end of this blog post)

  • Number 1
  • Number 2
  • Number 3
  • Number 4
  • Number 5
  • Number 6
  • Number 7
  • Number 8
  • Number 9
  • Number 10
  • Number 0
  • Numbers 1-10

These free printable playdough mats are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners, and lots of fun for younger toddlers to have a play with too.

Kids of all ages can enjoy the play dough mats. Older Children can take their playdough numbers and combine them to create bigger numbers, if they are already comfortable with the numbers 1-10

For example put together the 2 and the 3, what do these make next to each other? 23

Or even bigger numbers like 150, 1970… however big they would like to go!

I can make number 1 play dough mat

play dough number mats

I can make number 2 play dough mat

play dough number mats free printable

I can make number 3 play dough mat

free printable numeracy activity

I can make number 4 play dough mat

I can make number 4 playdough mat

I can make number 5 play dough mat

numbers playdough mats free download

I can make number 6 play dough mat

preschool playdough mats

I can make number 7 play dough mat

preschool numbers activity

I can make number 8 play dough mat

learning numbers playdough mat

I can make number 9 play dough mat

printable playdough mat

I can make number 10 play dough mat

number 10 playdough mat

I can make number 0 play dough mat

zero play-doh mat

I can make numbers 1-10 play dough mat

I can make numbers 1-10 activity for preschoolers

More Playdough Mats

Check out our emotions playdough mats too, which are also free to download. If you’re looking for specific themes of play dough mats let us know in the comments and we can add them to our list to make it for you.

More Numeracy Activities

Check out these simple activities to help build number awareness, number recognition and early maths skills.

More Fun Playdough Activities and Playdough Recipes

shimmer play dough recipe how to make your own sparkle play dough

Download PDF

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free printable numbers playdough mats for preschoolers

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