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Kids will have so much fun creating their own colorful playdough fireworks with our free printable set of 8 Fireworks themed play dough mats.

Fireworks is a great theme for activities for kids during 4th July, Bonfire night or Diwali celebrations and who doesn’t love play dough?

Playing with playdough, modelling clay and other sensory materials are activities that my kids go back to again and again.

Keep reading and you can download the PDF file with these free printable playdough mats further on in this blog post.

fireworks playdough mats

Free Printable Fireworks Playdough Mats

Little hands will get a good work out as the kids push, pull, roll and squeeze the playdough between their fingers, strengthening hand muscles ready for writing – and firing up their imagination and creativity with all of the colorful fireworks.

child playing playdough

You can talk about colors, shapes, patterns, and celebrations. There are so many valuable learning opportunities with this fireworks playdough activity, and it’s a great way to connect with your kids as you sit together making your own fireworks pictures.

When talking about fire and fireworks with kids, you can also bring in the fire safety angle for additional learning and a great opportunity to reinforce these important life skills. You can’t be too careful when it comes to fire! Try this fire safety lapbook which is perfect for kids.

Fill the Sky with Fireworks Playdough Mats

fireworks in the night sky playdough mat for kids
make fireworks with playdough free printable playdough mat

Sparkler Play dough Mat

Add Sparkles to the Sparkler using playdough

sparkler playdough mat

Fireworks Playdough Mats

We have five different fireworks playdough mats, for children to use as inspiration for creating their own playdough fireworks.

Make shapes similar to the patterns shown in the firework examples, or go off and use creativity to put together something different – both ways are great!

Roll long thin pieces of playdough, squish small pieces of playdough, make some swirly playdough, make curls, whirls and all kinds of fun fireworks shapes with the playdough.

Pick your favorite colors to create beautiful playdough firework creations.

Maybe you could use glitter playdough, shimmer playdough or add sequins and gems to decorate your playdough creation.

This fireworks playdough mat has red and blue fireworks that look like a 4th July celebration.

Kids can count the fireworks on the mat, and create their own.

playdough fireworks

This fireworks mat has bright pink and purple colors, for a beautiful firework display just like the ones in Disney world shining over the princess castle

make your own playdough fireworks activity for preschoolers

This printable playdough mat has fire works with bright orange and pink, with bigger shapes that will be a little easier for younger kids to work with.

This activity is suitable for kids of all ages, from toddlers upwards. With a little parental guidance, even one and two year old toddlers can squish and roll some playdough to create their own fireworks, while older kids can make intricate designs independently.

free printable playdough mat for creativity 4th July fireworks

This playdough mat has the same shapes but in a different color scheme, red white and blue for 4th July or other patriotic occasions.

red white and blue fireworks playdough activity

This playdough mat has three different swirly shapes for kids to copy and create with their play dough.

This is a great finger and brain workout, to help build finger strength, fine motor skills and visual skills.

make playdough shapes fireworks

How to Use Play Dough Mats

After printing the playdough mats, you will want to laminate them for long lasting play, or place them inside a wipe clean pocket.

Check out these self laminating pouches which are super quick and easy to use if you do not have a laminating machine.

Then, just set out the play dough mats along with a good selection of play dough colors, play dough tools and maybe some other decorations like sequins, sparkles or gems that kids may like to add to make the playdough fireworks extra sparkly!

Download PDF

Click below to download all 8 play dough mats in PDF format for easy printing.

This is an instant digital download. Terms of use: free for personal use and free for classroom use.

More Playdough Mats

Want more free printable playdough mats?

We have them to download and print in different topics, and we are always adding more.

So, stock up below and subscribe by email so we can send you more when we add them.

More Fireworks Crafts and Activities

Fireworks are such a fun theme for crafts and they can tie in to all kinds of themes, from 4th July, to Bonfire night, to Diwali, to fire safety.

Kids love firework theme activities all year round!

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Free Printable Fireworks Playdough Mats for Fun Playdough Fireworks Activities that Are Perfect for 4th July, New Year, Bonfire Night or Diwali

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