Fun With Working on Pre-Writing Skills

At the moment Mr T is working on his pre-writing skills. He will be going to school in September so it’s perfect timing that he has really started to show an interest in mark making. To help encourage him, we have been working with him on the 9 pre-writing shapes:

  • Vertical Line
  • Horizontal Line
  • Circle
  • Cross
  • Square
  • Diagonal line – down to up
  • Diagonal line – up to down
  • X
  • Triangle

It’s national stationary week this week and we had received an exciting bundle of stationary from Bic, with lots of products from the Bic Kids range which are perfect for all the boys and especially for Mr T to keep practising his mark making.

pre-writing skills with bic kids range

At the moment Mr T loves to draw pirate treasure maps, which is great as it gets him practising a lot of X for X marks the spot! Many of the other pre-writing shapes make their way into his maps too.

He was given an activity from his occupational therapist to help him develop these shapes into a drawing of a person. First we cut out all the pre-writing shapes, which were laminated on a large card.

Fun ways to work on pre-writing skills, using the pre-writing shapes

After this Mr T uses the shapes to make a picture of a face

pre-writing skills how to draw a face for kids

and then extends it into a whole person.

pre-writing skills how to help a child draw a person

Once the person is completed, he uses his pencils to copy the shapes down onto paper which helps him learn how to draw a person. All of the shapes used in this activity are pretty basic pre-writing shapes which means he is able to use these to achieve a recognisable picture more easily.

By setting the shapes out in the person formation before beginning to draw, this helps to give the child a sense and feel of the proportions and how everything fits together. This is all good for general body awareness too, to reinforce where are all the different parts of the body in relation to each other.


We also practise drawing other simple pictures which can be made up from just the very basic shapes, for example:

  • A simple bus just needs straight lines, square/rectangle and circles for wheels
  • A cat made up of circles with small triangle ears and horizontal lines for whiskers
  • A flower with circles for the petals and a straight vertical line for the stem

Each time the shapes should be modelled first and then copied, so you know that your child is starting from the correct place and following the lines in the correct direction.

The Bic Kids range is perfect for Mr T to use to help keep these activities fun, so he is getting creative and enjoying himself while at the same time he is getting the developmental benefits from all this practise.

bic kids range


The range includes wax crayons, pencil crayons, felt tips and more. The colour and erase pens are a lot of fun, and introduce some more variety into our activities. Rather than ask your child to just copy the shape, you could ask him to make it appear from inside a block of colour, by getting him to use the eraser pens.

pre-writing skills pre-writing shapes

For more info on pre-writing skills and for pre-writing worksheets, check these resources:

For the older children there is also a Hello Kitty range available from Bic and the new Bic cristal stylus which is a pen at one end and a stylus for your phone or tablet at the other. If you want to make your own printable sheets for your kids this works well with Adobe ideas app. If you are more artistically talented than me I’m sure you would get better results, but you can see below some doodles I did for an Arabic alphabet colouring sheet.

bic cristal stylus and adobe ideas on ipad mini

How are your little ones getting on with their mark making? Do you have any fun ideas to share? Please let me know in the comments!

Fun with pre-writing shapes - Activities recommended by our OT. This really worked for us

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  1. Some lovely ideas for pre-writing, I love the person he made from the shapes. I think we should start on this as we are due to start school in September but I’m not quite sure if our little guy is quite ready yet. Never knew there was a kids bic range!

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