Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car Travel Printables for Kids

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Are you dreading the hours of driving with your kids? It’s tough to keep them entertained in the car. However, there are some ways to make it easier.

These car travel printables will help you keep them occupied for hours on end. From car bingo to coloring sheets and word searches to mazes, you’ll find just what you need here.

Have a fun-filled drive when you download these printables and keep your kids entertained!

Traveling with kids is never easy, but it can be more enjoyable for everyone when you have the right tools. Today I have a great printable pack to share with you, made up of 5 pages of activities to keep kids entertained in the car.


Printables games to play in the car including car bingo, alphabet game, car search and more

With the weather warming up, you may be planning holidays or long road trips and the last thing you want is the children getting bored in the back of the car, so it’s worth printing out some of these activities and keeping them handy along with a clip board and some pens, pencils and crayons.

travel printables games to keep kids entertained in the car, on long journeys or a road trip

Games to play in the car

If you’re like me, you know that traveling with kids is not easy and when it comes to long car rides, most young children quickly start to get bored after about 20 minutes of sitting still.

It’s easy to find ways that adults can keep themselves entertained during a long drive, but what about the kids?

Car travel printables offer a way to enjoy a new activity on the go, and they have some benefits that make them perfect for any car trip. But what exactly are travel printables? And how do they work? Keep reading to find out!

Free Printable UK Car Bingo for Road Trips

To play car Bingo, you need to spot as many of these items as you can from looking out of the window.

The first person to complete a whole line (whether row or column) wins!


There are 5 different car bingo boards available in this set.

Alphabet Car Game Printable for Road Trips

This game is about spotting different things beginning with each letter, to complete the whole alphabet. It’s  kind of a twist on the classic I Spy game – but you race to complete the whole alphabet.

You could also give points to the best or most unusual item spotted for each letter.


Classic Pen and Paper Game Consequence

This is a classic paper game, whether in the car or at home. I remember playing it often as a child. It always results in lots of giggles!

Draw one section of the sheet, fold it and pass it on so that the next person doesn’t know what you have drawn. When it’s unfolded, you can get some really funny creations!


There are five starter sheets for you to print and use for your consequence games and you can also make up your own!

Car Search Car Logo Recognition Printable Game

If your kids are interested in different types of cars, this is always a good one.

Look out of the windows and keep a count of how many of each car you can spot. Who will find the most?


Free Printable Road Trip Traffic Jam Game

This is a fun combination of a colouring activity and a board game. Kids can race each other to see who can win and arrive at the theme park first.

UK - traffic jam game

Road Trip Must-Haves

In addition to printing out the activity sheets here, you might want to stock up on a few of these to help your journey go a little smoother.

For your convenience, click your country next to each item to see and buy on Amazon.

  • Crayons (UK/ US)
  • Clip board (UK/ US)
  • Kids music CD (UK/US)
  • Kids audio books (UK / US)
  • Kids Travel Blankets (UK / US)
  • Kids Travel Pillow (UK / US)
  • Snacks and drinks

More Kids Travel Ideas

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More Free Road Trip Printables for Kids

Going on a really long trip and you need even more printable games and activities to keep your little ones busy and entertained? Don’t worry, we got you covered… check out the printables and ideas below to help you get totally prepared. 

Not sure where to go on your trip? Check out this quick list of the UK’s top 10 road trip destinations. And always make sure you have enough car insurance for your trip!

More Printable Coloring Pages to Keep Kids Entertained

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Download the Road Trip Printables in PDF Format

We have added all five games together in one convenient PDF file, available for free instant digital download below.


Please share this blog post of free road trip printables with friends and family so everyone can enjoy!

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  2. Thank you, Anna and Luciana, for sharing these amazing car travel printables! They are a lifesaver for keeping kids entertained during long journeys. From car bingo to alphabet games and coloring activities, you’ve covered it all. These printables will surely make road trips more enjoyable for both parents and kids. Great job!


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