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Today we have some free printable Super Mario coloring pages to share. These Mario coloring sheets are a bit different, create your favorite characters pictures in a fun way by completing the color by number pixel by pixel.

Fans of Super Mario bros. will love coloring these famous character from their favorite video games. Whether you love Super Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D World, or Mario Party, there are lots of loveable characters, and villains to color in bright colors.

These coloring pages are great for older kids (although can be enjoyed by kids of all ages) and will keep them busy for a long time – as well as strengthening up those fine motor skills and building concentration.

Super Mario Coloring pages, color by number pixel art printables

We also have four traditional coloring pages with pictures of Mario cartoons to color as an extra bonus, these are great for the younger kids.

Free Printable Mario Coloring Pages (Color by Number Pixel Art)

Here’s a run through all the pages included in this free printable pack

  • Mario Coloring Page
  • Luigi Coloring Page
  • Toad Coloring Page
  • Yoshi Coloring Page
  • Goomba Coloring Page
  • Super Mario Bros Game Scene Coloring Page
  • Mario Piranha Plants Coloring Page
  • Chain Chomp Coloring Page
  • The Koopa Troopas Coloring Page
  • Super Mario Bros Boo Ghost Coloring Page
  • Princess Peach Coloring Page
  • Spinies and Blue Shell Coloring Page
Super Mario bros pixel color by number coloring pages

All 12 of these Mario coloring sheet are available to download in a handy PDF file at the end of this blog post, to print at home.

These Mario coloring pages are great for boys and girls, and would be a great activity for a Mario birthday party.

boy coloring

How to Use Pixel Color by Number

Just like with a regular color by number page, kids need to follow the color key to fill in all of the spaces on the picture, and complete their coloring page.

The difference with pixel color by number is that when you look at the page, you can’t tell what the picture is even going to be. So there is an element of mystery!

Mario color by pixel printable coloring page for kids

Color by number pages are a great way for kids to work on color recognition, number recognition, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

This is lots of fun especially for older kids. It can be a little more challenging for younger ones, since there is more detail to color and you need to go square by square to complete the entire picture. These can be very satisfying to complete, and the pixel art concept ties in so well with the Mario series, because of the arcade game style.

super Mario bros luigi color by pixel printable coloring page

The resulting finished coloring page looks just like an old school video game graphic, from the super Mario galaxy. Very cool!

If the kids enjoyed these they are sure to enjoy these super Mario dot to dot pages too, so check them out and print some of those so you can mix it up for a nice variety.

super Mario characters art pixels

Favorite Super Mario Characters

Color the two Italian plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi. The main character Mario, with his famous red cap and blue overalls his twin brother Luigi with the green cap – Both with the matching black moustache.

You can also color Princess peach of the mushroom kingdom, and one of our favorite characters the anthropomorphic dinosaur Yoshi. Yoshi is a super popular character, loved by all because he is so cute!

Another of the characters my kids are most fond of from the Mario video game series has to be Bowser, and his kid Bowser Jr.

The Super Mario Bros franchise was created by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1985 with the platform game Super Mario Bros.

If you’re wondering how old is Mario, check this link for more information.

More Fun Coloring Pages to Print for Your Kids

If your kids enjoyed the mystery of the pixel color by number, then they are also going to love these Secret Coding Picture Activity for Kids – give it a try!

super Mario bros

Easy Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages

Here are the four simple Mario coloring pictures

Mario Coloring Page

Mario Coloring page color Mario's face

Mario Toadstool Coloring Page

super Mario toadstool coloring page

Mario’s Hat Coloring Page

super Mario Coloring pages color Marios cap red

Super Mario Games Gold Coins Coloring Page

super Mario games coloring pages color the gold coins

Download Pixel Coloring PDF

Download the free Mario coloring pages. This pack contains 12 printable pages.

Click the download button below for your free instant digital download of all the Super Mario Bros. characters color by number pages in one convenient PDF file.

Terms of use: free for personal use / free for classroom use.

Download Mario Cartoon Coloring PDF

There are 4 simple Mario character coloring pages included in this PDF file.

Super Mario Coloring Books and Toys

Here are a few super cool and fun Mario coloring books and toys that your little Mario fans are sure to love.

Amazon affiliate links included.


We hope you enjoyed these free printable coloring pages.

Please share with friends and family so that all Super Mario Brothers fans can benefit from this free resource. Ask your friends to visit this blog post and download their own copy of the Mario Coloring Sheets.

free printable Mario coloring pages for kids
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