YUUbag and What to Pack when Travelling with Kids

Recently we went for a week away in Wales. I always ask the kids to pack a few things in a back pack each to keep themselves entertained while we are travelling. We had just received a new YUUbag for review so this was perfect for the job. Each bag comes with a free YUUpack so this was half of our packing done already!

Packing list for travelling with kidsFind out more about these new bags and about what we pack when travelling with kids, along with a printable kids visual packing check list.

yuubag ideal for travelling with kids Our bag is the YUUtuu Gruur suitable for children from 3-6 years and it came with coloured pencils and an A5 pad, a magnetic snakes and ladders game, keyring, deskcard insert and full membership card to YUUclub. 

yuu4The whole pack fits inside the bag easily with space to add some of your own activities too

yuu3Coloured pens and paper are always on our packing list and the magnetic snakes and ladders came in very handy too! My boys love snakes and ladders so it’s a great option for keeping them entertained during the quiet moments on holiday.

yuu6The YUUbags look a little different in shape and size to the standard back packs which we have. This is because they are is ergonomically designed to support growing spines.  The moulded foam shell evenly distributes weight ensuring across the back and wide, padded foam straps and a chest-strap make the YUUbag comfortable to wear. Mr T (4 years old) was very happy to wear the bag. The brightly coloured dinosaur design also makes the bag look great and appealing to the children. 

So what else do we pack when travelling with kids?

  • Colouring pens and pencils, and paper or colouring books (as mentioned)
  • Magnetic games (As mentioned)
  • Magazines
  • Small character figurines (anything like this is good)
  • Small cars: hot wheels or matchbox type of thing
  • Small toys like a magnifying glass to get them in the adventurer/explorer mood!
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Spare clothes
  • Baby wipes
  • Kids camera
  • Cds of their choice
  • Any pocket money they want to take to spend on holiday
  • Teddy or cuddly toys

These days, I intentionally tend not to bring any electrical gadgets on holiday like iPads or tablets for the kids. They may have something like Vtech Kidigo or Leapfrog LeapReader but no tablets, just because I want our family holidays to be about family time and not for them to get too hooked into their tablets. If you do want to bring a tablet to keep them busy in the car though you could try some of these apps or these

For little ones if you want to encourage a little more independence, you can try a visual packing list like this where there are pictures to remind them what to pack inside their bag.

Free printable visual packing list for travelling with kids

Download your own free printable template here. The printable pdf version has been left empty for you to customise with your own images, either by drawing or using stickers.

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