Egg Carton Toothbrush Painting to Help Kids Learn About Oral Health

Teaching kids to take care of their teeth is an important life lesson. The habits they start now will continue with them for life. This important right from when they start to get their first baby teeth, but now that my eldest has just got his first permanent tooth I’ve been emphasising even more – these teeth are the only ones that you’re going to get. It is so important to brush and clean them well and take the best care of them.

Last year I shared some fun ways to motivate children to clean their teeth. I was inspired by these to make a fun toothbrush painting activity so today I’m going to share another simple activity that my children enjoyed as a fun reminder of the importance of brushing teeth.

egg carton toothbrush painting. A fun way to help kids learn about the importance of brushing their teeth


We used some spare egg cartons to make teeth. This is super simple, I just cut each 6 pack egg carton in half, and that worked as one basic set of teeth per child. Then we used old tooth brushes to paint our teeth white.

egg carton tooth brush paintingThe kids worked out straight away that “We’re painting them white with the tooth brushes like we brush our teeth to keep them white and healthy”

Egg boxes make great teeth for this activity since they have dips and bumps in between each egg space, so children can see how they have to work carefully to get their toothbrush in to paint all the little gaps. It helps them see how it’s easy to miss bits if you’re not careful.

egg carton toothbrush paintingThis activity is a fun way to remind kids about the importance of oral health, and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. You get to re-use your old stuff that would have otherwise gone in the bin too, which is always nice.

brushing teeth activity for kids


You might also like this video which emphasises how just 2 minutes twice a day is all it takes to make a difference for your child’s teeth.

Why not try out the website,  (which is available in English and Spanish, and includes a mobile version), where parents and children can watch entertaining videos—all 2 minutes in length—while brushing their teeth.

lets teach kids to brush 2 minutes 2 x per day for the best oral health

Kids’ Healthy Mouths has partnered with Scholastic to continue to educate parents and teachers on the importance of brushing. Resources are available at for caregivers and for teachers where they can download lesson plans, activities, an oral health care book list, oral health care tips in English and Spanish, and a printable oral health poster.


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