Road Trip Printables for Kids

If you’ve ever been in the car for more than two hours, you’ve probably heard the question, “Are we there yet?!”. Usually, the question is accompanied by an angry kick on the back of the seat from an impatient passenger. However, road trips can be great bonding experiences, after all, you’re stuck in the same car with no escape. So, have some fun and know that someone’s eventually going to get bored on the road. And when that happens, it’s essential to come prepared with plenty of entertainment!
Test the steadiness of your drawing hand with this Bumpy Car Doodle Contest printable. It’s basically Pictionary! but with the added obstacle of road bumps. Make it really competitive by letting the winner control the music for the rest of the trip!

If art isn’t up your alley, make the most of the trip by capturing the laughs along the way. You can document the funniest, weirdest, most clever bumper stickers on the road with this Bumper Sticker Scrapbook printable.
Have fun this holiday season and stay safe on the roads!

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