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So, the summer is almost over. It has been a lot of fun with lots of adventures and travelling around the UK. Now it’s time to think back about what are my top handy products for travelling with kids over the summer.

top products for travelling with kidsEarlier in the summer I posted the Back seat challenge about the best way to entertain kids in the back of the car, and I would recommend a small backpack filled with

  • small toys – Character figurines like Tree Fu Tom go down well with my boys
  • magazines – Cbeebies magazine is always great
  • colouring pens
  • stickers
  • a book or two
  • some snacks

backseatplayground2A snuggly teddy is always great, especially if doubles up as a pillow! Mr R’s fluffy sheep above right is from Zulilly but you could also try Pillow Pets. The bag you can see in the pictures is a TrayKit designed specially for the car, which you can buy through among other retailers.

Sometimes, it’s temping to turn to gadgets to help you out with keeping the kids entertained if the journey is really long! You can get such cheap tablets these days – such as this Leliktec one we reviewed in the Spring, at only 40 quid! Can not really go wrong for that price. If you are looking for free apps to try out why not have a look at Trunki Paddlepak party app, or Jump Up and Join in (which also comes with a cd for the car) both recommended by Mary from Over40andamumtoone.

For the younger toddlers, you could go for an Innotab as there is a new Innotab 2 Baby version out now. Mr R was sent one of these to try out, and they are very user friendly for the little ones, as they won’t get frustrated with the controls. It also seems pretty indestructable, although I have been a bit disappointed with the battery life – so do make sure to get a pack of rechargeable batteries and a battery charger!

innotab top products for travelling with kidsVtech also have a Kidigo multimedia player which is suitable for age 3-9 years and comes with headphones in case the rest of the family do not wish to listen to whatever the child prefers! We have just received this to test out for the Rainbow Toy Awards. Full review will be along later, but first impression is good!

kidigo top products for travelling with kids

Listening to CDs can also be great entertainment in the car, I have some recommendations from fellow mums Kelly from Writing ramblings and reviews recommended these Disney CDs and Pippa from Red Rose Mummy has recommended Justin Fletcher. I also made a driving playlist of some of our favourites which you can see here – although it is more my taste than for the kids!

Some books and travel activities which have been recommended are

We were camping on our trip and once we arrived needed some things to keep the kids amused while playing outside. I took part in the 99p summer, which provided me with some really simple outdoor fun ideas like

  • skipping rope
  • chalk
  • picnic kit

I would say my #1 product for entertaining toddlers outdoors is hands-down the Toddlebike. You can see all my toddlebike posts here. It is really lightweight so perfect for travelling and is a lot of fun.toddlebike top products for travelling with kidsFollowed closely behind by the simple ball – also a must-have for keeping kids entertained on a camp site.
boy in the countryside playing footballA Trunki would also be great, as it is the suit case and doubles-up as a ride-on! This has been recommended by Eileen from Et Speaks from Home and you can see the review here. This is something I am definitely meaning to look into getting for next time we travel.

Finally, not forgetting the really practical and handy products that give you extra peace of mind while travelling with little ones.

  • DryNites bed mats – We were sent some of these for our travels. While staying away in an unfamiliar bed, you really wouldn’t want to be guilty of letting the mattresses be wet in case of accident, so these give some peace of mind and are very small and convenient.
  • Kattoo – Temporary tattoos for children, with a space to write your phone number in case your child gets lost. This is especially reassuring for Mr T to have due to his Autism, he is not very verbal and he has no stranger awareness – not a great combination! Luckily, we never lost him but the kattoo gives a little bit of reassurance just incase, that if he did somehow wander off and someone came across him that they would be able to get in touch. It’s also fun for the kids to wear the temporary tattoos, so a double benefit. The pack is so small you can easily fit it into the suitcase!
  • Sun cream – Can’t forget this! I like the Sudocreme sun cream as it’s in an easy mousse format.

If you find half your suitcase is taken up with kids stuff, then managing to fit in a selection of different shoes for yourself can be a bit difficult. I came across some really handy shoes that solve this problem, from Slinks shoes. The come with one base which you can attach various uppers to, to easily change your look without having to pack more than one pair of shoes! The uppers are really quick and simple to change, as I have seen this demonstrated. They also look great – there’s a lot of varieties so likely to suit every taste. It’s not that often you see shoes which combine being really practical and looking really good at the same time, but Slinks have managed it

Slinks Luxury Set Truffle £99This is the luxury truffle travel set and can be mixed and matched which any of the other uppers you like.

Is there anything else you would add to the travel list? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: some of the items mentioned were sent to me for review, and some affiliate links are included.

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  1. Your top products for traveling with kids are perfect for a stress-free journey! From personalized backpacks filled with toys to gadgets like the Leliktec tablet and Vtech Kidigo, you’ve got it all covered. The Toddlebike, Trunki, and practical items like DryNites and Kattoo tattoos add convenience and peace of mind. Great recommendations for any parent on the go!


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