Spring Blossom Window Decorations

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You might have seen we have been having fun with our flower press lately, and made a Spring time window decoration using a paper plate and mixed Spring flowers. We have experimented with a few other pressed flower window decorations too, and today I want to share our Spring blossom window decorations with you.

dried pressed blossom spring craft for kids


To make this blossom window hanging we used:

  • 4 x Craft sticks + glue
  • Sticky back plastic / contact paper (UK / US)
  • Blossom picked from outside
  • Microwave flower press (UK / US)
  • Ribbon to hang

You can see the full instructions and step by step of using the microwave flower press over on our spring flowers suncatcher post.

The blossom flowers that we used for this window decoration were one of the quickest types of flower that we tried pressing and drying, since they are so small. So this one is a good one to do if you are in a rush, or working with impatient youngsters, since each batch of flowers will be done in the microwave very quickly and you won’t need to repeat the process so much.

To make the frame, we just glued together the four craft sticks using glue dots – but white glue, or a glue gun will do the job just as well. Once your frame is made, place one piece of sticky back plastic inside the frame, sticky side up ready for the children to stick all of their dried blossom on, and once they’re finished add another layer of sticky back plastic (sticky side down) to seal.

And there you have, a fun crafty way to capture a bit of Spring time blossom in your window!

dried pressed blossom window decoration


spring time blossomDon’t forget to check out our other pressed flower window decoration here

dried pressed flowers for spring


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