30 Frozen Coloring Pages (Elsa, Anna, Olaf and more!)

Our girls are still crazy about Disney’s Frozen. We can’t get enough of the snow Queen Elsa, her sister Anna and loveable snowman Olaf over here – so we decided to put together a mega collection of Elsa coloring pages and Disney Frozen printable coloring sheets for kids.

With lots of new Disney movies on the block, like Encanto and Turning Red, Frozen still has a treasured place in our heart, and on our television.

You can download all of the coloring pages in PDF format at the end of this blog post.

free printable Frozen coloring pages for kids, with Elsa coloring pages, Anna coloring pages and more

Frozen Elsa Coloring Pages

Color these pictures of Elsa, the eldest sister and Queen of Arendelle.

Color Elsa’s icy dress, and blonde plait, and get ready to sing along to “Let it Go”

frozen elsa Coloring page

Color Elsa’s full length picture

frozen elsa Picture to color

Color Elsa in her coronation dress, feeling nervous before she accidentally lets lose her powers and freezes the entire kingdom with her ice power!

Frozen Elsa coronation dress coloring

Color Elsa and the Water Nokk from Frozen 2. This scene and the song Show Yourself is one of our favorites!

FROZEN 2 Elsa nokk coloring

Frozen Anna Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love Princess Anna? This character is so goofy, relatable and loveable

Color the Anna picture below from the Frozen short movie Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever Coloring Page

Frozen Fever Anna coloring page

Color Princess Anna in her coronation dress on Elsa’s Coronation Day. The day that she met Prince Hans and fell misguidedly in love with him.

Frozen Anna coronation dress coloring page

Kristoff was a much better match for Anna!

Frozen Anna and Kristoff coloring page

Color sister Anna with reindeer Sven in this detailed and fun coloring page.

Frozen Anna and Sven coloring page

Frozen Olaf Coloring Pages

Color these pictures of Olaf, everyone’s favorite living snowman. Olaf was created by Elsa when she was a little girl, and then when Anna and Kristoff bump into him on their remarkable journey to the North Mountain, Anna gives him his carrot nose for the first time.

Frozen Olaf coloring page

Color Olaf sitting or standing and waving. Olaf is our favorite loyal snowman friend who just loves warm hugs and summer!

frozen Olaf snowman coloring page

Oh no, Olaf has lost his arms – Sisters Elsa and Anna will help put him back together.

Anna elsa and Olaf frozen coloring

Frozen Sisters Coloring Pages

The bond between Anna and Elsa is a beautiful part of the film Frozen. True love does not have to be romantic, and definitely not with Prince Hans! Frozen with Princess Elsa, Princess Anna and all of the other main characters has a positive and empowering message for kids of all ages.

Color these heartwarming beautiful coloring pages of Anna and Elsa together.

Anna and Elsa coloring frozen
Anna and Elsa frozen coloring page
Frozen Anna and Elsa picture to colour

Young Anna and Elsa Coloring Pages

My daughter loves the baby Anna and Elsa coloring pages, as well as her baby Anna and Elsa dolls. The younger versions of these characters are so cute and playful.

Young anna and Elsa coloring

Anna and Elsa were playing in the snow and ice inside the castle when Anna was struck with Elsa’s icy powers the first time around.

young Anna and Elsa playing in the snow castle picture

Young Anna and Elsa having fun creating Olaf as children in their snow castle in Arendelle

Anna and Elsa playing with Olaf as children

Frozen Sven Coloring Pages

Color in this picture of Kristoff’s favorite reindeer Sven. As the song goes – reindeers are better than people.

frozen sven reindeer coloring sheet

Frozen Kristoff Coloring Pages

Color Kristoff and the trolls, they are basically like family.

frozen kristoff and trolls coloring
Frozen Anna, Elsa and Kristoff coloring page

Frozen 2 Coloring Pages

Explore the enchanted forest with these Frozen 2 pictures to color. Color in all of the main characters, including our old favourites along with new characters introduced in this second Frozen movie.

frozen 2 main characters coloring page

New character include Bruni the fire spirit salamander. He is so cute!

frozen 2 Bruni fire spirit coloring

Color Anna and Elsa in the Enchanted Forests

frozen 2 Anna elsa enchanted forest coloring

In Frozen 2, not only has one of our favorite characters, Olaf had a permafrost but he also has learned how to read and loves his books. Olaf in Frozen 2 is hilarious – Samantha?!

Frozen 2 Olaf and books coloring

Sven and Kristoff, lost in the woods!

frozen 2 kristoff and sven Coloring

Another new character for Frozen 2 is Lieutenant Matthias – color him in!

frozen 2 lieutenant Matthias Coloring

Color the water nokk, a majestic animal of the water element. Elsa uses her magical powers and rides the water Nokk across the sea to Ahtahollan.

Fun fact – the character of the Nokk or water horse, is based on a mythical creature from Norse mythology.

frozen 2 water nokk coloring page

Download Frozen Coloring PDF

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Frozen Coloring Pages 20+ page PDF

This PDF free colouring book has over 20 colouring pages with all of the main Frozen characters.

Frozen 2 Coloring Pages PDF

This pack has seven printable pictures to color, all from the new movie Frozen 2

More Frozen Ideas and Activities for Kids

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Please go ahead and share this blog post with other Frozen fans, so everyone can enjoy these free printable coloring pages and printable packet.

We’ve got you covered for your next family movie night, snow day, or Frozen themed birthday party.

frozen coloring pages for kids, Elsa coloring pages and more

We hope you enjoyed these fun free coloring sheets for kids, featuring our favourite Frozen characters – Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf and the whole crowd.

Artwork Copyright Walt Disney Animation Studios

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