Travel Bingo Free Printable Game for Kids

As Vacation season arises, travel themed games are perfect to get kids excited for your upcoming family trip or to keep them busying in the car whether for a road trip, or your drive to the airport.

Today we have a free printable game of Bingo with six different game boards, and lots of colorful cards to match up.

Print out the game, and get ready to get in vacation mood!

free printable travel bingo game for kids

How to Play Travel Bingo

This version of travel bingo is a super simple card matching game, that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, even toddlers from age 2 years and upwards can play and enjoy this game with a little help.

Each player first chooses one Bingo board.

Next, put all of the calling cards face down in the middle of the playing area OR give the stack of calling cards to another player who wants to be the Bingo caller.

Either – each player takes turns to lift a card and see if they have it on their board, if so place it down to fill up the pictures on their board. OR – the Bingo caller shows the card and every player who has this picture can mark it off on their board.

You can either race to fill up your entire boards, OR race to get a straight line three in a row – either horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

If playing with a Bingo caller and marking on the board, you may like to laminate the bingo boards so you can circle pictures and then wipe off afterwards to use again and again. You can also use bingo chips to note your pictures on the boards if preferred.

With the matching card version, you can also re-use it as many times as you like as no marking on the boards is required.

vacation themed matching pairs card game free printable

How to Prepare the Printable Game

As mentioned, you can laminate the pieces for longer lasting use. You may also want to check out re-usable wipe clean wallets from Learning Resources (these are available on Amazon) which are an easier alternative than laminating, if you don’t have laminating supplies to hand. These wallets are great, you can easily switch out the printables inside – they are genius and a great buy!

If you don’t want to use the wallets, another great option is to print on cardstock instead of paper so the thickness gives the pieces a little more durability.

You can also print on regular printer paper and then glue down onto cardboard for example left over cereal boxes and packets work great, and is a brilliant way to re-use and recycle.

TIP: Print two copies of the calling cards and you can also create a simple matching pairs game.

Travel Bingo Boards

Here are the six different Bingo boards included in this printable game pack. Aren’t they cute? The pictures are adorable and are sure to get kids excited about the idea of travelling and exploring the world.

Vacation Bingo Board 1

The first of the game boards, with nine cute pictures to match.

travel bingo game board for kids free printable

Vacation Bingo Board 2

travel bingo game board for kids free printable

Vacation Bingo Board 3

free printable travel bingo game board for kids

Vacation Bingo Board 4

road trip bingo for kids free printable

Vacation Bingo Board 5

free printable vacation bingo game for kids

Vacation Bingo Board 6

travel themed bingo matching cards game for kids

The pack also includes three pages of the Bingo calling cards, including all of the travel and vacation themed pictures

  • Aeroplane
  • Car Keys
  • Suitcases
  • New York Travel Photos
  • Eiffel Tower Sightseeing
  • Surfing
  • Mountain trip
  • Suitcases
  • Map
  • Tickets

and lots more little pictures of things to see and do on vacation! This game is not just a road trip travel bingo, it also includes plane travel and sight seeing around the world.


Download the game as a PDF file, in a free instant digital download below. This is a 9 page file to print on the size A4 paper or card stock.

Terms of use: Free for personal use and free for classroom use.


We hope you enjoyed this free printable travel bingo game!

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Free printable travel and vacation themed bingo game for kids

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Happy travelling!

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