Printable Travel Games for Kids

Are you busy planning trips for the summer holidays? We will be staying in the UK for the whole 6 weeks holiday this year, but will be travelling around within the UK.

Travelling by train can be a great option for domestic travel, and means that we don’t need to think about parking. I just make sure to always bag the seats with the table so that the kids can be more easily entertained!

travelling by train

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If you do have a train journey planned, I have five different free printable games to share with you today to keep the kids amused  while travelling. I find that these kind of activities keep my boys entertained well, and I love to see them engaged in these traditional puzzles and games.

Free printable kids travel games pack including lots of traditional pen and paper games for kids, to keep them busy on long journeys (or in waiting rooms!)

Printable Travel Games for Kids

Stock up on all kinds of printable travel games to keep the kids entertained on their journey. There is all kinds of fun that can be had with a pencil and paper

Dots and Boxes Game

How to play Dots and Boxes

Each player takes it in turns to draw a line that joins two dots, either horizontally or vertically. The dots must be next to each other, with no skipping over any dots.

When a player completes a whole box, they write their initial in the box.

When the whole grid is filled with boxes, the game is over and the person who has the most initials wins.

You can even play this game on any spare dot grid paper you may have.

Printable dots and boxes game for kids. My boys love this traditional pen and paper game

Train Window Bingo

How to Play Travel Bingo

  1. Print the train window bingo game page
  2. Put a cross on the things you see out of the train window on your journey
  3. The first person to have a straight line of squares crossed off is the winner
what to see from a train window

The items to find in train window bingo are

  • Sheep
  • Church steeple
  • Dog
  • Tunnel
  • Electricity pylon
  • Gate
  • Tree
  • Wind turbine
  • Tractor
  • Bird
  • Cow
  • Factory chimney
  • Train station
  • Horse
  • Hay Bale
  • Cloud
  • Car
  • House
  • River or lake
  • Bike
  • Train carriage
  • Bridge
  • Plane
  • Hill
  • Caravan
Free printable game for travelling with kids. Train window bingo

Super Duper Maze

This is a tricky maze, find your way through the tricky super path all the way to the other side. Avoid the dead ends and see how long it takes to find your way out, using your pencil.

Free printable maze activity sheet for kids

Train Travel Word Search

The words to find are

  • Sheep
  • Ticket
  • Station
  • Tunnel
  • Conductor
  • Gate
  • Bridge
  • Tractor
  • Cow
  • Factory
  • Horse
  • Train

How many of these can you spot on your journey?

train journey themed wordsearch for kids. Fun free printable

Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and crosses is a classic pencil and paper game – one of the most famous!

Rules: Win 3 games in a row to win the board.

Crazy noughts and crosses. This fun version of the traditional game lasts longer and takes more skill! Win the whole board! Free printable for kids

More Road Trip Printables and Travel Printables for kids

Or print out some coloring pages for kids, featuring their favourite characters and themes


To download all five train travel printable activity pages in one PDF file, click the download button below.

Terms of use: free for personal use.


We hope you enjoyed these fun and free printable travel games with kids. Please share with friends and family so that everyone can enjoy these free resources! Thank you so much.

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free printable train travel games for kids including dots and boxes, noughts and crosses, wordsearch, train window bingo and more

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  1. Unfortunately all the printable links here go to the Transpennine Express website. They no longer have the games there, and recommend coming back to this website, which does not appear to have them.

    I was so excited to have a UK train games version, and am disappointed my kids can’t do these on our next journey (unless I have another long hunt on Pinterest). We have 4½ hours each way to look forward to, and I’m scrambling for quiet things they/we can do.


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