Road Trip I-SPY Printable Game for Kids

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It’s easy for kids to become bored when traveling long distances by car, so planning ahead with a few free printable games that keep them entertained will make the journey go smoother for everyone. 

Today we have two free printable road trip i-spy pages for kids. These will be great if you are travelling for half term, or during the school holidays!

Free printable road trip games get the kids to focus on something fun, keeps them off their devices for a while and will make your trip more enjoyable for everyone involved.

free printable road trip I-spy game for kids with cute characters and road trip themed images to find

Especially if you’re taking a road trip with kids by yourself, you’ll want to be prepared with plenty of activities and ideas to keep the little ones entertained on the journey so that everything goes smoothly.

We’re heading out on a road trip. Who’s coming with us? 

I-SPY Road Trip Printables

Our Road Trip I-SPY Printable Game for Kids is ready for you to print at the end of this blog post

How to use I-SPY Printables

These I-SPY games are super easy to use, and while playing this printable game your child will be practicing their counting skills, as well as strengthening their visual skills.

On each printable I-SPY sheet, the kids have six different pictures to find. They will need to count up how many of each picture they can spot, and fill in the number in the box beside that picture at the bottom. Super simple!

If you pack a sticker book and some spare paper, siblings can even make their own I-SPY sheets for each other using the stickers. Ask each kid to stick a few different types of stickers onto their page, and then swap them over. This can keep them occupied in the back seat for even longer!

kids in the car road trip family travel

Free Printable Road Trip I-SPY Sheet 1

On this I-spy page, the kids need to find the following pictures

  • Car keys
  • Camera
  • Map
  • Suitcase
  • Road Sign
  • Little boy at the vending machine

Want to find even more cute road trip pictures, print out page 2 as well

kids road trip I-spy printable activity page

Free Printable Road Trip I-SPY Sheet 2

On this road trip I-spy printable the kids need to find

  • Little boy waiting for the car at the roadside
  • Kids checking the map
  • World travel suitcase
  • Little girl and baby brother on the road trip
  • Road trip sign
  • Tourist photos
free printable road trip I-spy page for kids

Download PDF Files

You can download both sheets in a free instant digital download in PDF format via the button below. These activity sheets print in A4 size.


Get prepared and print out all of your road trip printables before you set off.

Bring a clip board for each child along on your road trip to make it easy for the kids to manage and organise their different printable activity sheets.

You will also want to bring pens, pencils and lots of snacks!

More Road Trip Ideas for Kids

If you’re planning a long road trip, you’re going to need a few more activities and printables. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Check out some of the other free road trip printables and activities for kids that we have here on In The Playroom

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Free Printable travel games for kids – these ones are great if you are travelling by train.

You can also check out some of our most popular coloring pages. Everyone is going crazy for the Encanto coloring pages right now. We also have all kinds of other characters like Spiderman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony and a lot more.

Simple Games to Play in the Car

Once you have finished with your road trip printables or want to mix things up a bit there are so many simple games kids can play in the car with no equipment needed.

Here are just a few ideas to make car travel fun and engaging for kids of all ages!

  • I-spy alphabet (I spy with my little eye, something beginning with a… b… c… and so on)
  • I-spy colors (I spy with my little eye, something the color green….red… blue… and so on) – This version is easier for younger kids
  • Rock paper scissors
  • 007 – this is a variation on Rock Paper Scissors, which my boys love to play
  • Make up a story where each person says alternating lines
  • Guess the character – one kid thinks up a character in their mind, and the other children need to ask questions til they can guess the correct answer. My boys love to do this with Pokémon or footballers, and it will keep them busy for quite a while.
  • Car singalong – let the kids request their favorite songs and they can stay occupied singing along
  • Listen to audiobooks
kids road trip games Rock Paper Scissors


Please go ahead and share this blog post with friends and family, so everyone can enjoy these free printables for their kids.

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free printable road trip I-spy game for kids

Enjoy! And have a great trip!

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Keep your kids busy and entertained in the car with this awesome Road Trip I-SPY Printable Game. Download now ready for your next trip!

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