It’s Your Story – Personalised Books for Fathers’ Day.

It’s Your Story is a great website specialising in personalised books. This is a really lovely concept so I was happy to get the chance to review one of their “Dad” themed books, in time for Fathers’ Day.

We were given a code to use on the website so that we could go through the whole order process and see how easy it is. It took only a few minutes to go through it all. You can upload a picture of any background, and they will crop the head out for you. The picture I chose was a holiday snap of my husband. I was a little worried whether it would be okay or not as it did not have a plain background, but it came out absolutely fine. There are also several simple questions to answer, so that the book can be personalised even more by including little details here and there.

Here’s the front of our personalised book below:

it's your story

The book is A4 size and has a glossy finish to the front cover, and is made of good quality thick and durable paper.

The story tells of the child and their Dad going on a trip to the zoo, and all of the different things they see and do. There is quite a substantial story to it with plenty to read, rather than just a couple of words on each page.

Here’s an example page from our book, showing Dada swinging through the trees with the monkeys!

it's your story

One thing I particularly liked about ordering from this company is that they allow you to specify exactly how you name the father, whether it’s Dad, Daddy, or in our case Dada. It would have been all too easy for a company to just take the easy route and leave it all as Daddy without putting any extra thought or choice into it – but my kids don’t call their Dad “Daddy.” It’s a minor thing, but it does make the book feel so much more personal to the child.

You also get the chance to include your street name, child and Dad’s age, and favourite colours and foods. I also really liked that you can choose 2 friend’s names to include – handy for me as I have 3 children so the 2 who weren’t featured as the main child at least get to see their name in it too. Although I may have to go back and order one each for the others later, to make it fair!

I decided to make it for my 4 year old, as he is learning to read I felt a book like this may really encourage him. He enjoyed it but actually the one who was most excited seeing Dada on the book was my 3 year old so I think he definitely would love one of his own. He found it so funny seeing Dada with all the animals. There are some pages where you can see him hiding behind trees with the panda or hanging upside down with the bats and all of this really amused him.

There is plenty of choice available on the It’s Your Story website, so if you want a different theme other than zoo there are loads more to consider. They even have a clothing range now too! So it’s definitely worth a look.

I’m really pleased with the book we’ve got and I think it’s a great idea! I remember having a personalised book as a child, back then it wasn’t so advanced – no photos or anything just the names inserted into a story (and it’s not that long ago – I’m not that old!) but even that, I remember feeling excited to have a special book featuring me and my siblings. It makes a great gift.

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