The Toddle Bike in Pictures

My little one has been testing out the Toddle Bike for a few weeks now, and he is still loving it and riding round the house on it regularly. It’s definitely not a one hit wonder, but something that is really keeping his interest as the weeks go on. I can not see him getting bored of it any time soon!

We have not yet taken it outside, but he is quite confident riding it inside now so I will take him out soon and I think he will be fine on it!

Here are some pics.
toddle bike

toddle bike
He does tend to sit quite far forward like this at times, but it doesn’t seem to stop him getting around, or be uncomfortable for him. I’m not sure whether its just because he is a bit small for his age (20 months), and this makes it easier for him to reach the handle bars.

My 3 year old is also very keen on the toddle bike, although he is over the recommended age of 36 months he has been using it whenever the little one is not looking! And he is also getting on really well with it, speeding around – so it would be nice to get a slightly bigger version for him. Although he is 3 years he’s not yet peddling and a bigger one of these would be just the right stage for him, and good for helping his coordination.

toddle bike

I will have to put up a video so you can really see it in action, but I’m really pleased with this bike and finding it brilliant so far!

It has rivaled this hippo for coolest and most-prized ride on, in the eyes of my younger two so that is definitely saying something!

toddle bikehippo ride on fisher price

The ToddleBike lets them go much faster and is easier for them to take around the house. Even the youngest is able to even take the toddle bike up and down the stairs easily, which is not something I would have expected from a bike!

I am looking forward to seeing how my youngest gets on with it out and about in the Park or Woods.

3 thoughts on “The Toddle Bike in Pictures”

  1. thank you! u can say it as many times as u like lol 😀
    the weather is supposed to get much better over the weekend so that should be ideal for getting the toddle bike out and about!

  2. My daughter (also approx 20 months) sat in exactly the same place for the first couple of goes. She tackled slight downhills with a baby (a gloworm) stuffed in her coat on Monday.


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