Review – Little Dish New Fresh Filled Pasta Range

We were recently asked by the Mummy News website to try out the new Little Dish range of fresh filled pastas, as I am one of their Mummy Reviewers.

There are two types of filled pasta in the range: Mini Tortellini with cheese and tomato, and mini ravioli with spinach and ricotta. They are recommended for babies and toddlers of 1 year + so were perfect for my 18 month old, but also enjoyed by my 3 and 4 year olds.

Little Dish meals are carefully created without any unnatural ingredients or unnecessary salt, so I felt happy that even though it is an easy and quick option it is not a meal you would have to feel guilty about giving.

These filled pastas are very easy to cook, you just boil for a couple of minutes and they are ready. They can be eaten either with a sauce or without, and I served them simply with chopped raw vegetables alongside, so an extremely quick meal – yet wholesome and nutritious.

I was also surprised that the bags actually go further than you would think. It is quite a small package but makes enough for several meals. I made the mistake of over estimating it the first time I made it, and had some left over so I thought I would give it a taste myself! I found it nice, so definitely felt comfortable giving it to the children knowing it is something I would have been happy to eat myself. They are actually very similar to the fresh filled pasta you can find for adults in the supermarket, but the main difference would be that they are all natural and without any added salt and that they are slightly smaller.

My children enjoyed eating them. They regularly enjoy pasta with sauce and vegetables but filled pasta is not something I had thought to give them often, but I will now bare it in mind to give them again as it just adds a bit more variety! My 4 year old said he preferred the ravioli and the younger two seemed to prefer the tortellini, but they were all happy to eat both.

Little Dish were also kind enough to include some money off vouchers along side these meals, so we thought we would give a try to some of their other ranges and got some of their children’s ready meals for our 18 month old to try. We got the fish pie and the pasta with cheese peas and broccoli trees. There are loads of other delicious looking ones too. My little boy also loved these meals especially the fish pie!

All the Little Dish products the children tried were good quality and extremely convenient for me, while being tasty and healthy for them so I would have to say its great, and something that can really help out on days when you are short of time and need something quick and easy to feed the children. I have to admit that like many people when in a rush I do sometimes go down the route of ready made fish fingers from the supermarket, or an oven pizza or anything like that but health wise, especially thinking about the salt content, the Little Dish meals are drastically better so will definitely be looking out for Little Dish in the supermarket in future.

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