Testing Out The Toddle Bike

We are one of 100 families testing out the Toddlebike, a first bike for ages 18 months to 3 years. We will be testing it out for 3 months to see how our youngest (19 months) gets on with it.

The toddle bike arrived this morning! The first thing I noticed was how light it is, even before I opened the parcel I was surprised how light it was, it almost felt as though the box was empty – but no, it is just super light! It weighs less than 1 kilo. It’s made of plastic rather than wood so that obviously allows it to be much lighter than other balance bikes, but even compared to the usual ride ons we have around the house it is noticeably way lighter.

The next thing that pleased me was no construction necessary, it can be used straight out of the box. A massive plus for me as I hate putting things together.

As soon as my little one spotted the bike he was eager to jump on and straight away was able to scoot around the house on it, which he is still doing as I type this. He seems to be enjoying himself and getting the idea of it pretty quickly, so I will be interested to see how much more he picks up speed over the 3 months and how well it works outside.

I’ll add updates throughout our trial time to see how he is getting on, and some pics and hopefully videos of him riding along.

Now just waiting for the weather to improve so we can get the chance to let him lose on it outside!

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