Books2Door BookPoints System

We all love a loyalty scheme! With the Books2Door BookPoints system, you will get rewarded with book points for the purchases that you’re already making meaning that you can save money in future, whether you redeem the points for free delivery or spend them on future purchases.

I buy a lot of books for my children, especially my ten year old boy who gets through book series at an unstoppable pace! It is one thing that I am always happy to keep spending money on as reading is so important for kids, with so many benefits, as we have just been celebrating with World Book Day.

children's books

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Top 6 Problems You Might Face When Self-Publishing Your Book

Many new authors might think it is easier to self-publish a book, without knowing the difficulties they might face ahead. When you are using a publishing service such as Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), or Draft2Digital, it may look so simple. 

It is also true that uploading and publishing your Microsoft Word file and adding a quick homemade book cover can be insanely fast as well as straightforward. It will take you less time, and it costs almost nothing.

But, will your book sell? As you will get only one chance to self-publish your precious writing, you need to do it right. But first, you need to know how to self publish a book, and what problems you might face so that you can avoid them. 

Read the article to know the top 6 problems and the solutions to succeed in self-publishing and sell your books more.

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Christmas Gift Ideas from Books2Door

As well as buying my children toys for Christmas, I always try to find some books that they will enjoy so that I can give some new books as a Christmas gift.

Books2Door have a great selection, especially for book box sets, so it’s easy to find something that will appeal to my kids.

The great thing about buying a box set of books is that they have the whole series so once they get started and enjoy the first book in a set, there is no delay and they can race through the whole series.

This is perfect for my 10 year old R as he is a very keen reader and normally when I buy him a book that I think he will enjoy, within the next couple of days he is already coming to ask me please can I order book 2, and book 3 of the series. So buying the whole box set just makes life easier all round – it also tends to be so much more cost effective.

the mysterious Benedict society books box set

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Make Your Own Book Advent Calendar for Kids this December

You can never have too many fun ways to teach your children the joys of reading. For this reason, I’m sharing my simple and easy to follow guide for creating your own book advent calendar for kids.

This is one of the easiest DIY advent calendars that you can put together, and doesn’t take any crafting ability – but it is still so much fun to make, and adds a touch of magic every day throughout December, with the kids feeling like they have a new present to open every single day. 

Advent calendars are a great way to mark the count down to Christmas. In many families, as soon as the advent calendars arrive on the 1st day of December then you really feel like the Christmas season has arrived. 

This simple Advent DIY project will inspire you to start (or end) each day with a book and an excuse to read. 

Make your own book advent calendar

Why Choose a Book Advent Calendar?

A book a day advent calendar is an idea that’s easy enough for anyone to make, and educational enough for parents to appreciate.

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Rustic Star Craft: A Year of Nature Craft and Play

A Year of Nature Craft and Play (Harper Collins) is a new nature based activity book by garden blogger Catherine Hughes and well-being author Becky Goddard-Hill.

In the book they share a host of nature craft and play ideas following the seasons.

They also include nature-based science experiments and gardening projects as well as mindfulness activities, cooking and gift ideas.

Today we will share with you a Rustic Star Craft tutorial from the book, and we have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader at the end of this blog post.

A year of nature craft and play book cover

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DaddiLife “You’re Going To Be A Dad” Book for First Time Fathers

We previously reviewed A Dad Joke A Day book from DaddiLife, and now this group of Dads have collaborated again to release a second book. This time they have written something a little more serious. 

Becoming a Father for the first time is a huge moment for any Dad. This is a new stage of life, and a huge responsibility for the next 18 years and onwards. It may be daunting, but is also an extremely exciting journey and nowadays many Dads are much more keen to get involved and take the role of an active engaged father in their family life. 

With so much to learn, and so many changes to experience, DaddiLife have put together a brand new guide to help support new Dads along the way, enabling them to inform themselves of everything involved and be the best Dad that they can be.

you're going to be a dad guide book for first time parents

Let’s take a look at what’s included in this handy new guide. 

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Disney Book of Maps: A Guide To The Magical Worlds of Disney & Pixar

Maps are an incredible way to explore the world. When you look at a map, it’s like you’re travelling for miles and miles without ever leaving your living room or bedroom.

There is something so magical about exploring lands via detailed maps, and when combined with the magic of Disney & Pixar, this is an amazing combination.

Disney book of maps a guide to the magical worlds of Disney and Pixar

We were sent the Disney Book of Maps from Lost Universe, the UK-based retailer that’s all about supplying super-fans with the coolest pop culture merch around. They have a wide range of products from brands including Disney, Star-Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon and more.

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15 Reassuring Children’s Books about Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time and a new chapter in your child’s life. It’s also a big change and a challenge for them! It can be a little bit scary too.

You may be feeling overwhelmed with all the things there are to prepare them for this new stage of life.

Children might feel nervous about meeting new people, or have trouble making friends.

15 children's books about starting school

One way to get ready is through reading. Luckily, there are many books that can help prepare kids for starting school.

Books are a great way to introduce children to the joy of reading before they start school, and provide them with skills they need to succeed. They can even help your child make friends at school or develop a love of reading that will last their whole life.

Here, are some of our favourite books for kids who are about to start school.

books for kids about starting school

These are suitable whether your child is starting reception, or school nursery class. Or may even help if your infant school child is moving to a new school and feeling a bit nervous

books about starting school

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A Dad Joke A Day

Dads are known for their cringeworthy jokes, and in our house it is no different. DaddiLife, have put together a book with over 365 of their best dad jokes, to help keep Dads stocked up with ‘hilarious’ new material to torment their families with their Dad humour, and keep the eye rolls coming all year round.

This book is clearly set out so that Dads can pick out a joke every single day, even on leap years, and some of them are tailored to the season so whether it is New Years Day or Star Wars Day, the jokes will be not only funny and cringeworthy but also relevant to the day.

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Reading Champions Reading Book Scheme Review from Books2Door

One of the most magical things as a parent is seeing your child starting to learn how to read. It is such a huge step, that opens up a whole world of knowledge and imagination for your child to now access. Starting to learn to read is very daunting though, as it is easy. We were sent this Reading Champions book set from Books2Door, which is perfect for beginner readers with six levels advancing in difficulty.

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