Orchard Toys – On The Farm Giant Jigsaw Playmat Review

This week we have tried out the Orchard Toys “On the Farm” Giant Jigsaw Playmat for Izziwizzi Kids Playfest.

This is a lovely, large Jigsaw that doubles up as a play mat with 12 stand up characters. I really liked the multifunctional aspect of this and my 4 and 3 year olds both really enjoyed playing with it, especially the play mat side of it. I can see it being something that they will keep going back to, and definitely a good one for keeping them busy and quiet during the school holidays!

They were able to play with it independently but my 4 year old also wanted me to join with him and make up stories using the play pieces as characters. There are several adult and child play pieces including a horse rider, and a variety of animals from cows and pigs down to the smaller duck and chicken, and of course the large Tractor piece which was a favourite for both boys.

It is designed to work together with the Giant Road Jigsaw, which we don’t have but I am quite tempted to buy as they would work really well together and I like the fact you can make the road up into different layouts!

Have a look at the video below to see the Farm Jigsaw Playmat in action and see my boys’ reactions to it, and come along to Playfest at 8.30 on Tuesday on Twitter or Thursday on Facebook to see the other Orchard Toys games we all have been trying this week!

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